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I admire the 700 -word composition (5 are selected)


In daily study, work, and life, everyone often comes into contact with Composition . Writing can exercise our solo habits, let our hearts calm down, and think about their future direction.Do you know how to write composition?The following is the 700 -word composition I admire the most admirable person, hoping to help everyone.



The person I admire the most is my Chinese teacher.


The surname of the Chinese teacher is Zhang, and we all call her Teacher Zhang.Teacher Zhang is a young teacher, around the age of twenty, a long black hair, looking like a black waterfall from a distance, big watery eyes like black gemstone inlaid on the face, willow leaf eyebrows, a small cherry mouth, talk aboutStarting class is vivid and interesting.


Teacher Zhang will observe the students' changes. For a while, my academic performance was good. After several high scores, I was praised by the teacher. The students also cast my envy. At this time, I felt that I had done a good job, so I was proud, and some fluttered. I was not as concentrated as before, and my homework was not as serious as before. This pride is not tight, and the academic performance has fallen straight. How can these escape from Teacher Zhang's eyes? In the class, Mr. Zhang asked me to go to her office. I think, what else can I eat in the office? On the road, I made all kinds of preparations for the teacher, but as soon as I walked into the office, I was so nervous that I was a little anxious. I stood in front of Teacher Zhang and did not dare to look at her eyes. Unexpectedly, she not only did not scold me, but also gave me the story of "Turtle Rabbit Run". Finally, she asked me, "Why did the rabbit lose the game?" I whispered, "Because it is too proud." Teacher Zhang said, "Yes, you are like this little rabbit, so proud, pride and humility, modesty, modesty, Make people progress. Can I be modest and easy to learn from now on? "I nodded again and again. After Mr. Zhang's heart -speaking heart, I was no longer proud of me, and I came down to study hard, and my grades quickly mentioned.


This is our teacher Zhang. She often uses her spare time and drizzle to communicate with her classmates. Of course, she is vivid and interesting to get a class.


Once, Teacher Zhang talked about the lesson "Underwater World". Listening to her dynamic fan reading, I seemed to sneak into the bottom of the sea and met many small animals under the sea.Wait, I also saw the underwater plants with different shapes. I did not "surface" until I finished class.Look, Mr. Zhang's lecture is this charming charm.


"Falling red is not ruthless, it turns into spring mud and protects flowers." Teacher Zhang, we will always love you!



Some people admire the doctors who rescue the wounded; some people admire the police who maintain peace; some people who admire the firefighters who want to save the fire regardless of their lives.But I admire a person most. She has no beautiful appearance or gorgeous posture. She is a cleaner who is obscure and protects the city's hygiene.Do you know why I admire the cleaner most?Don't worry, listen to me carefully.


One year, I walked on the road to home. I held a popsicle with my left hand and a fan with my right hand, but I still felt so hot. The puppy on the roadside was panting and stretched out his tongue under the shade of the big tree, as if saying, "It's hot!" I walked and saw a cleaner aunt in front of me. She was paying attention to Sweeping the ground, from time to time, picked up her dilapidated handkerchief to wipe the sweat beads on the forehead. I walked forward to my aunt and said, "Auntie, the weather is so hot, why don't you go home?" I said, thinking: If it was me, I would go home to blow the air conditioner. The aunt looked up and said, "Because this is my job! As long as it is my own job, I must do it wholeheartedly." I nodded like I knew it, and I said, "Why is it so hot? The sky is to clean up? "After listening, the aunt said to me," Because I want to protect our city's hygiene, let everyone walk on a clean road, smell fresh air, and prevent garbage everywhere, so No matter how hot the summer, how cold winter, we must also clean up hygiene. "After seeing her, she cleaned it carefully, for fear of delaying time. After hearing it, I suddenly realized: This aunt smelled fresh air for us, and did not let the garbage everywhere, and insisted on it. So we can't throw garbage. We throw one less garbage. Auntie is more relaxed, and the city is cleaned.


On the way home, I looked at her from time to time, and saw her sometimes sweeping the left side of the street, and sometimes running to chase the garbage blown by the wind, and sometimes stopped to sweep a certain stinky beach ... Fenger handleHer hair was scattered, but she looked really beautiful. She looked at it and laughed ...


Do you know why I admire the cleaner most now?Because they always dedicate selflessly, in order to protect urban hygiene, they are not afraid of dirt, not afraid of suffering, and not afraid of tiredness.



Everyone has a self -admiration person. That person may be your idol, maybe your friend, maybe your loved ones, maybe it is the person you do n’t know, and the person I admire the most, I can tell everyone to tell youThat's my dearest mother.


What quality my mother is so admirable? I will understand it.


My mother is a very diligent and frugal person. Even if we drink the bottles and cans at home, even if you save it, even if you buy vegetables or go out, if she sees a abandoned beverage bottle, sheShe also picked up home. She said that she was not using garbage, but small money, and it would accumulate less. If you can change to the recovery station for 30 or forty yuan in a month, then you can make a net profit after a year.There are more than four hundred, you can see, you buy clothes every year, there are more than four hundred sets of clothes, is it just worth the money of your New Year's clothes.After listening to it, I was really speechless. I collected the garbage for a year to change such a set of clothes. My heart was sour. Suddenly I felt that my parents were not easy and my mother was good at heart.


In addition to diligence and frugality, her mother also has a place to admire me very much, that is, helping others.


In some days, the parents of Xiaoming Xiaoming next door were on a business trip, and Xiaoming was left alone at home. It was a rainy day that was always dull. Xiaoming fell ill due to the cold and hot weather. I did n’t say anything. Take Xiaoming to the hospital for a doctor. I was almost busy for a day. She was done for Xiaoming. She also supervised Xiaoming to teach him to do his homework. When Xiaoming ’s body was not recovered, his mother worked hard and refused to return. I almost forgot me, and I also blamed my mother for this matter, but my mother's' words moved me. She said, "Mom ignores you today, but Xiao Ming lives next to us next door. Do you want your mother to watch him torture the illness and watch it? When each of us encounters difficulties and needs to help, what happened, first compare the heart. If you encounter difficulties today, it is you, and then it is you, and then it is you, and then it is you, and and then again No one wants to help you get out of the predicament. How can you get out of embarrassment with the age? "After listening to my mother's words, let alone how guilty I was in my heart, and the admiration of my mother immediately came into being.


Of course, my mother is definitely not just the two quality worthy of my admiration. If you say it, it ’s really too much! In short, she is the best mother in the world and the only person in the world to admire my life.



Everyone will have their own most admirable people. It may be teachers, parents, classmates ... and the person I admire the most is my grandfather.


The words of the grandmother, tall, thick eyebrows, and a very temperament of basketball players.His body is healthy. Although he is over 60 years old, he does not deaf, his eyes do not spend, and there is nothing wrong.The reason why his grandfather is so good is because he is very healthy. He insists on rubbing his stomach, rubbing his feet, rubbing his ears every morning and evening.Every morning and afternoon, you can ride a bicycle to the people's square.Exercise, so he made a lot of friends.

  外公年輕時是一名校長,所以我和姐姐有什么不會的問題都會請教他。外公都能輕松自如的幫我們解答。大顯他那校長的風采。因為外公當過校長,對我和姐姐自然也很嚴厲。記得有一次,我和姐姐玩游戲時,我無意間說道,我們班級有一個同學,很懶惰,老師讓做練習題他都不做。姐姐聽了,偏認為我是在說她,于是我們就大吵起來。外公聽了,趕緊過來,問我們到底是怎么回事。沒等我開口,姐姐就把事情的來龍去脈告訴了外公。外公頓時發火,大聲把我訓斥了一頓:“你怎么可以這樣說她,她是你姐姐!”“我不是在說她,我說的是我的同學?!蔽覡庌q道?!叭伺c人之間是平等的,你不能這么說別人,人家也是有尊嚴的?!蓖夤穆曇粜×诵?,但帶著幾分憤怒,我就這么被罵了一頓,心里很不服氣,真是 “啞巴吃黃連——有苦說不出”??!

The grandfather was a principal when he was young, so I and my sister would ask him any questions. Grandpa can easily help us answer. Da Xian's style of his principal. Because my grandfather had been the principal, it was natural to be very severe to my sister and me. I remember when I played the game with my sister, I accidentally said that there was a classmate in our class and was lazy. The teacher let him do exercises. My sister listened, thinking that I was talking about her, so we quarreled. The grandfather listened and came over and asked us what was going on. Without waiting for me to speak, my sister told her grandfather the ins and outs of the matter. The grandfather immediately became angry and reprimanded me loudly: "How can you say this, she is your sister!" "I am not talking about her, I am talking about my classmates." I argued. "People are equal between people. You ca n’t say that others, people are dignified." The grandfather's voice was smaller, but with a bit of anger, I was scolded like this, and I was unconvinced in my heart. , It's really "dumb to eat Huanglian -I can't say it with suffering"!


Grandpa is a person with a knife and mouth tofu.Every time my sister and I go to a foreign public, he will declare in advance, "There is a major conference in my country today. I want to watch the news. Don't watch TV." We successfully got the remote control.Do you say that your grandfather's heart is soft!


Whenever I see my grandfather's familiar face, the heroic back, the wise language, my admiration to my grandfather will spontaneously, whenever I recall the goodness of my grandfather to me, I am here, I am thereI vowed secretly: When I grew up, I had to repay my grandfather with practical actions.



The person I admire the most is my idol. He is the teacher Chen Fengqing of my calligraphy training class.


Teacher Chen's black hair was mixed with a few silver hair, and time left a lot of wrinkles on his forehead ruthlessly. A pair of curved eyebrows hung on the shiny grape -like eyes.Zhang Da's mouth.He also has a beer belly, and he is fat, and he is not very high.


At first, my mother listened to others and said that childlike circle held a five -day training camp. It was a coach word. It was very effective to say that learning to write is very fast.Then I reported to me this writing camp.


After entering the classroom, I saw a male teacher. I looked at it carefully and thought to myself: The teacher feels scary for me. He hasn't taught me to practice characters. Will I be scared by him?


Start class.Teacher Chen told us that when writing, we need to pay attention to the sitting position and holding posture, and then start teaching us to practice strokes — point, horizontal, vertical, skimme, lift, and mention.


When I practiced the strokes, I couldn't write well. I saw Teacher Chen slowly coming over. I thought Teacher Chen was going to hit me. Can't you write it? "I heard the teacher's kindly question, and my nervous mood slowly relaxed. "Well, how can I write this horizontal?" Teacher Chen sat down and taught me patiently. I saw that the teacher didn't give up me. What reason did I have to learn well? Then, Teacher Chen said kindly: "Writing this horizontal plane is landing. It slipped over, not the plane headed to the ground before sliding, you can imagine it, and write it according to this feeling." I imitated the teacher's feelings. Although I was not written well, I had written this feeling. I really came from my heart. Teacher Chen also said happily: "This little girl writes very well! I will definitely be a calligrapher in the future." I was very happy after listening. Although the words I wrote now are not very good, but with the encouragement of Teacher Chen, I have encouraged Teacher Chen. I believe that my word will be written better, maybe I will become a calligrapher in the future?


This is my practice teacher, the person I admire the most!


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