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Qinhuangdao travel notes for 700 words (3 selected articles)


Qinhuangdao travel notes for 700 words (3 selected articles),歡迎大家分享。



Every year, Mom and Dad will take me out to play, this year is no exception, but this year's family is not playing together, but to play separately. My mother and I went to Qinhuangdao, and my father went to Wuyi Mountain.


After 12 hours of "long -distance trek" (by train), my mother and I finally came to Qinhuangdao. We were really disadvantaged that they had just arrived at the destination. God did not give the face a drizzle.It cannot be achieved. After we rest at the hotel for a while, our mother's colleagues in Qinhuangdao drove us to eat barbecue.


The next day we drove to Nan Daihe and played with slippery grass. Due to the timidity of her mother, she did not play, and there were several male comrades (mothers' colleagues).Auntie played together, the slide road was 30 meters long, and the starting 20 meters seemed to be vertical. I made a specific seat. When I was about to fall, I had a little cold sweat on my head. I was afraid, but I still did not retract the slipAfter I went on, I closed my eyes, and the wind blowing through my ears, feeling like flying, and it was finished after a while.


Then we went to Nan Daihe's amusement park again. I played many projects that my mother did not let me play. Because I was brave, I did n’t play except for a project that I was not tall.Really exciting.


After playing for many days on Qinhuangdao, on the last day, we went to the city center to go shopping, and then went to the beach to swim. That day I thought the best.


Mom and a aunt would not swim and the two of them rented a swimming ring one person. After getting off the sea, I and some uncle who swimmed to swim in a deeper place. My uncle taught me to swim.You can swim but you won't get angry. The uncle went in turn and taught me to get angry. I do n’t know if I did n’t like it if I was in an innate. I still did n’t learn it for a long time.An uncle still taught me. He let my shirt slide down and show it to me. I was strange. I don't know the uncle is so fat and swimming so well. After his careful guidance, I amFinally learned to get angry.


It's fun to go to Qinhuangdao this time!



Two days ago, my parents and I came to the Qinhuangdao, North and South Daihe, and Shanhaiguan. There were Bohai Sea. The weather was cool and the scenery was beautiful. I was deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery there ...


From 8:00 pm, after 12 hours of drive, we finally reached the destination: Qinhuangdao.We followed the tour guide and first ate a local seafood gallery.After eating and drinking, we started to set foot on the journey to Jinshawan.


Along the way, the tour guide explained the beautiful scenery of Jinshawan, including the big world of sand sculptures, the dense green woods, the blue and vast sea, and the wide and flat golden beaches, as well as sand skids, water pedal boats, beach archery archeryAfter hundreds of entertainment projects, after listening, I can't wait to see it quickly.


At that, I finally arrived at Jinshawan, and I entered the gate of the scenic area, wow!A big Buddha of more than 30 meters high on a bunch of large sand dunes. On both sides of the big Buddha are sand slide and sliding grass, tourists slipped down from it, fun and exciting.I and my parents climbed from the soft ladder on both sides to the top of the dunes. Each person took a wooden board and rushed down from the slide. The slide was narrow and steep. I sat on the wooden board and slipped down.There was a sharp turn on the road. I closed my eyes and shocked it, and it slipped to the bottom. It was so exciting ...


The exciting sand skating is so fun!


Walking inside, both sides of the road are beautiful and exquisite sand sculptures. There are mermaids, travel halls around the world, drilling wood to take fire, Chinese dragon ... I don't only admire the sculptors.It is so clever to carve such a perfect image on the sand!


Mermaid with exquisite carvings, so beautiful!


Walking in it, I came to the sea. I couldn't wait to change to the swimsuit, and ran into the sea with the swimming ring. The sea was really cool.I can't swim, just in the water, my father pushed me to the deep place of the water, and the feet could not touch the bottom of the sea. The water was spreading around the neck.After drinking a few mouthfuls of seawater, the sea water is really salty. I heard that the seawater has the effect of disinfection, just give me disinfection.We played in the sea for more than an hour, and it was extremely comfortable!


Swiming freely in the sea, it is very comfortable!


Out of the sea, we played on the beach again before leaving reluctantly.Seeing a few hours later, the sky was dark, and our group left the Golden Sea Bay and walked towards the hotel.



Today my mother told me to take me to travel to Qinhuangdao for five days. I am very happy.I thought: "I can finally take the train and see the sea I want to see!"


At 2:30 pm, we took a taxi to the train station from home. At 4 o'clock, we finally got on the train to Qinhuangdao.When I thought of going to Qinhuangdao tomorrow, I was very excited.


The next day I met the tour guide at the train station. His surname was Fang, and we all called the other side.He took us to Shanhaiguan, known as the first level of the world.I saw the tall tower, while high, and the words on the plaque in the world's first level were larger than one.The tour guide told me that this was designed to maintain the balance of the entire city building as a whole.


The second stop I went to the seaside of the old faucet, that is, the Great Wall's entry into the sea.For the first time, I saw the sea and the Great Wall very excited.Run to the sea to play with water and pick up the shell.After playing for a while, the tour guide told me that there was something better than here.In the afternoon, we returned to the hotel and changed clothes at the hotel to swim by the sea.The children I went with us swimmed in the sea, and ran into the depths of the sea for a while. After a while, the waves rushed us back to the beach, and then ran towards the waves. They were really happy to play with the waves.Until the evening, he was not willing to leave.


I was too tired to play yesterday. I slept very well at night, and it was already bright when I woke up.Today, the tour guide arranged for us to move freely in the morning, and my mother and aunt took me to dig crabs.We brought small buckets and iron shovels to the beach wetland, where there were many small holes. The locals told us that as long as there is a hole, we might dig crabs.We started to dig, and it turned out to be digging a lot of little crabs.In the afternoon, I went to the Ecological Park and saw a loofah of more than 4 meters long, 4 or 500 pounds of pumpkin, and many rural scenery.At night, we set into the embrace of the sea again and retrieved a lot of beautiful shells.


On the third day, we came to Nan Daihe Entertainment Center, where the beach there was thin and soft, saying that it was not too much at all.Our adults and children are very happy to play, and some buried themselves in the sand, leaving only their heads outside; some swim in the sea; others lying on the beach to bask in the sun.It seems that everything is so beautiful. We will go back by train at night. I must catch the time when I get close to the sea this afternoon.


I will arrive at home on Sunday afternoon. Although I am tired of playing this time, I have learned a lot of knowledge and I am very happy to play.


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