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Smart kitten composition 500 words (selected 3 articles)


In studying, work, and life, everyone has tried to write Composition . The composition can be divided into elementary school composition, middle school composition, college composition (thesis).I believe that many people will find it difficult to write composition. The following is 500 words of smart kitten composition carefully compiled by Xiaobian. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.



The cat's mother was sick, and the little cats were catching a few fish in the heavy snow, ready to go back to make a delicious food for her mother.


The kitten cat was walking in a hurry. Suddenly, a lonely raccoon ran up from behind and said pantingly, "Cat brother, it's not good, your good friend, little white rabbit is sick, he has a fever, and wants to eat a one. Fish. "Xiaohua Cat just wanted to give the fish to the lonely raccoon, and suddenly shrank back again, saying to the lonely raccoon," You lie to others! Bunny don't eat the fish at all! " Life; "Hey, Cat Brother, this is the case, the rabbit is sick, I can't eat anything, I eat the best vegetables I stored, and I am hungry by myself." Little flower cat He said, "Huh! It's a tiger hanging rosary -fake compassion! Yes, why don't I come to the plan!" Thinking of this, the kitten said, "Lonely, do you want to eat fish? Topping -because my tail is short and thin. "Xiaohua Cat looked at the lonely beacon puzzled, and then said," In the small river on the east, people smashed an ice hole to fish, and you put the tail. When you stretch it in, the fish naturally bit your tip. Your tail is long and thick, and you can catch three times at a time. Don't believe it! "After that, the little cat turned his head and left.


The raccoon came to the river and stretched his tail into the cave.At this time, the sky changed, the northwest wind was blowing, and the lonely tail was frozen.The night fell, and the lonely raccoon wanted to propose the tail, but it was not handled.


He then understood the kitten cat.



In a large forest, there are a group of smart and cute animals. They play together and help each other like a big family.But the most annoying thing is that if you have to eat laziness, cunning wolves often bully them.


One day, the kitten was fishing by the river, and it was indeed a master of fishing.After a while, the two live carps were caught by the kitten.At this time, the big wolf was looking for food in the forest and saw the carp in the kitten's hand, and drooled.Its eyes turned, hey!There is a way!It came towards the kitten and shouted loudly: "Oh! You hurt me, what do you have to pay me?"Intersection"Otherwise, give me two carp!"


The kitten is very angry, thinking about you, even the idea of my carp.It turned his eyes and said, "Uncle Wolf, I can give you these two fish, and I can teach you fishing, so do you have fish every day?"


The wolf thought for a while: yes!In such a cold weather, you can't find anything. You might as well learn to fish first. Don't worry about nothing to eat in the future.


The big wolf said, "This idea is good, but I don't have a fishing rod!"


The kitten said, "Don't worry, just use your tail."


The wolf thought for a while, so I did it according to the kitten.The wolf put his tail into the cold lake water, and the kitten told him to be patient and don't worry.The wolf was frozen and snoring, but for the carp, it still endured, endured, and endured.


In this way, the wolf waited stupidly, waiting, and in my heart, I learned that there was fish for fishing.Soon after a hunter, he caught this dumb without spending a little effort.


Since then, the small animals in the forest live a carefree life.



One day, the puppies, little rabbits, and kittens live in the zoo.Suddenly, the director of the zoo came, and he said with a smile: "Today we are going to choose an excellent small animal to live a good life for a new ground zoo."


After the principal left, after a while, the small animals discussed, as if they were fighting for who went to the new zoo.The puppy said happily: "I am the cutest and most brave animal in the world, and each family has a fat little flower dog, and I should choose me." The little rabbit said, "I am the one is the rabbit.The cutest little animal, I'm gentle and white, are you gentle? Should you choose me? "The puppy was angry and said," Will you eat bones? "The little rabbit said," YouWhite or I White? "The puppy slapped with a slap with his hands very angry.The little rabbit said, "Do you dare to hit me, I ask you again, you are white or not?" The puppy said, "Of course I am dozens of times whiter than you ..." The little white rabbit said, "You willDancing? "The puppy said," I will. "The little rabbit jumped up and the puppy jumped.The puppy smiled happily, "I finally jumped!"


The kitten finally thought of his own ability and said, "I'm much cute than your puppy." The puppy said with a mockery, "You will emit green light in your eyes at night, as if you have green eye disease."You stinky dog, my eyes are like that, you have to have green eye disease." The kitten said, "I don't quarrel with you, or so, you two play a drilling hole game each."The puppy and the little rabbit said, "Okay!" After a while they dug it, the two of them got in, the principal came, only saw the kitten there, and then chose the kitten to go to the new zoo.Essence


This story tells us that it is not enough to win to win only by being clever.


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