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Seven are selected for the seven parts of the four parties.


In daily study, work, and life, everyone has dealt with the composition. The composition can be divided into elementary school composition, middle school composition, and university composition (thesis).There are many precautions for composition. Are you sure you will write?The following is 7 articles for the backpack by Xiaobian to help you. Welcome to read and collect.

背起行囊走四方作文 篇1


My hometown is in Wulian, Shandong. I want to say what is special in my hometown. I will definitely say that there are a lot of mountains here. Yes, there are many mountains in my hometown, and each seat is very beautiful.


For example, Wulian Mountain, there is a Buddha statue on the mountain, which is carved with a whole stone. There is also a temple on the mountain called "Guangming Temple", which contains many monks to read the scriptures.


Every spring, the rhododendrons of the mountains are open, red, like a red carpet, people come from all directions to watch the beautiful scenery.


There is also a mountain called "Jiuxian Mountain", which is composed of nine peaks like people.There is a "Sun Ying Academy" on the mountain. According to legend, Sun Yan once read a book here. Later, he completed the famous "Sun Tzu's Art of War". There is also a strange stone on the mountain, like a human boots, and a person pushes it hard.It will shake gently, but it won't fall. Are you magic?


There are also weaving girl caves, old mother pavilions, Tianquan, Earthquan, and many fun and beautiful places.


The water in my hometown is clear and sweet. The famous scenic spots include Heilongtan and Bailongtan. Legend has it that there is a dragon king. The water here is also connected with the East China Sea!


Over the years, the changes in hometown are really great.The buildings are getting higher and higher, more and more factories, the roads are getting wider and wider, the street hygiene is getting cleaner, and people's lives are getting better and better.


This is my hometown, which is getting more and more beautiful, but no matter how the hometown develops, I believe that the mountains in my hometown will still be so beautiful.

背起行囊走四方作文 篇2


Wuzhen, Water Village, I have been yearning for its quietness, elegant and leisurely.This summer's trip to Hangzhou made me truly appreciate its infinite charm.


In the summer of the afternoon, the sun was full of enthusiasm, and my mother and I stepped into the gate of Wuzhen.However, the long path extends from a snake in front of the eyes. On both sides of the trail is the deep house, mottled walls, black bricks and tiles.Look, some houses are made of rosewood. The house is carved fine. When you enter the inner hall, you will smell the aroma emitted by rosewood. Some eaves have been slightly old, as if telling people that people have a long history.


Go through the long path, forget to wear deep alleys, and to appreciate the beauty of this ancient and unique house, my mother and I board the boat.The boatman holds bamboo artemisia, stands on the tail, shakes the wood pulp, inserts it, a lot, one diagonal, one mention, one sway ... the skilled boat technology makes tourists amazing.The boatman pointed to the stones full of stones and told us: "The streets of Wuzhen are like a labyrinth.Town. "As the boat moved slowly as the sound of the water, it was like a pleasant" June boat song ", which made me intoxicated and could not help but whisper: thousands of tiles and thousand watts, hundreds of craftsmen, hundreds of craftsmenIt has long been the Elder House; the three people shook the Sixian Bridge.


After getting off the boat, my mother and I visited the former residence of the contradiction. The former residence exhibited his calligraphy of his calligraphy and Liu Fangbai's poem.Writing the famous masterpiece is not exactly the true portrayal of "right and wrong, and those who have aspirations"?


In the afternoon, the heat wave made my sweaty trips, but I did not reduce my enthusiasm for Wuzhen at all. My mother and I kept taking pictures.Yes, the beauty of Wuzhen is so quiet and elegant as if a painting, the ancient style is like a poem, how can I not linger?

背起行囊走四方作文 篇3


I have seen Beijing in the book very early. I have seen the Great Wall. I have always dreamed of going to Beijing to see the Great Wall and see what the dragon in the east looks like. The long and almost vertical ladder, the rolling Great Wall and the peak of the Hanpo, have always been the place where I dream. This summer, Mom and Dad finally took me to Beijing, went to the Great Wall, and fulfilled my dream. The weather in Beijing in July is very good. It's sunny but not hot. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the mountains are undulating, and the dark -colored Great Wall is in the green mountains, endlessly. My parents and I rolled to the fourth beacon, and began to crawl up hard. There are a lot of people on the Great Wall, and everyone is scrambling to go up. I was caught in the crowd. I didn't take a few steps, so I was tired and I didn't want to climb up, but I saw that many elderly people were walking up, and I thought I would do it. We encourage each other to support each other, and finally came to Hanyo. I overlook from it, and I saw that the Great Wall was lying between the green mountains, like a dragon hovering under my feet. I shouted excitedly: I climbed to the Great Wall, I became a good man ... Haha laughed, and I laughed happily. Time passed so fast that the sky gradually darkened, and my parents urged me to go down the mountain. I left a movie in front of the good Han monument and left the Great Wall reluctantly. I think I will come back to Beijing and come to the Great Wall again, because I haven't seen enough Beijing, and I will come again -Beijing! I will definitely come again -the Great Wall!

背起行囊走四方作文 篇4


Back up the bag, and a few friends who love to travel, on the rare rest day, he set off with a mountain car.


The newly -built tourism avenue is really smooth, kicking hard, and the car is like the arrow of the string.We bent our waist, looked ahead, and quickly moved forward, becoming a beautiful scenery.Then drove into the mountain trail, and the bumpy mountain road tested us. We gritted our teeth hard and finally reached the foot of the mountain.Parking the car in the small temple under the mountain and putting on the simple installation, our mountaineering event began.


The mountain road is much better than in the past. With the steps, we pick up the steps.But the feeling of climbing seemed to be as interesting as before, so we changed the path where few people walked and began to climb the mountain.As long as you pay attention to your feet and pull the shrub branch with your hands, you can move forward quickly.After a few rests in the middle, the water also drank two bottles.Hey, if you don't travel in winter, your body is a bit unbearable.After staying, I dare not delay. After all, the infinite scenery is at the peak of danger, and no one appreciates the mood of the scenery in front of me, so I continue to the road.After 3 hours, the general was finally stepped on our feet.


If you have no time to drink water, we do n’t care about eating. We walked to the cliff and picked up the camera, chose the scenery of our favorite, and pressed the excited shutter, and the seeds of hope were sown deep into the heart.Then, sat down exhausted, leaned against each other, drinking water and eating, and admiring the beautiful scenery around, as if enjoying a big meal.


Under the setting sun, we reached a farewell to Dashan's retention, packed up the clothes, and also packed everything.That peak, the rock, the white clouds, the breeze, and everything, as my dreams are installed in my bag.When I picked up my bag and walked around, I had such a dream very young.


I remember when I was in junior high school, the head teacher on the first day chose cadres.He will take some points according to the personality and hobbies of students.Because of the rich geographical knowledge, no one competed me, I was elected as a small geographical class representative.Since then, I have followed the geographical teacher, sent her deed assignments, and gave her a follow -up teaching utensils.Of course, in return, the cute geography teacher asked me to appreciate all his books and pictorials.Looking at the charming geographical scenery photo, my heart could no longer be collected. The dreams in the sun were all in the dream.What Xing Daoyuan Xu Xiake walked through the longing in my heart.


But yin is wrong, and he still has a teacher.Although I am busy with knowledge all day, I will go to the dream of travelers and experience the fun of the pedestrian.


Now, with such a little economic strength, the distance will be my next plan, the next dream.


背起行囊走四方作文 篇5


In order to expand my knowledge, my dad promised me to go to Shennongju in the summer vacation.One day in mid -August, our family of three embarked on the journey of Shennongjia happily.


Let's take the train to Yichang first, and then take a car of about five or six hours in Yichang, and then come to the entrance of Shennongjia -the duck mouth.The altitude here is more than 1,800 meters. Contrary to the heat in Yichang City, I feel a trace of chill, and the car glass is also cold and cold.


The car traveled on Panshan Highway for more than forty minutes, which is the highest peak of Shennongjia -Shennong Ding.Looking at the foot of the mountain, the vertical change of vegetation is very obvious.The foot of the mountain is broad -leaved forest, and the mountainside is coniferous forest.As you go up, there are fewer and fewer trees. By the place with an altitude of more than 2,600 meters, there are basically no trees. Only a variety of grass and giant pandas love arrow bamboo. UnfortunatelyDied dead.There are only grass on the top of the mountain, which is the alpine meadow we often call.


One of the most famous attractions in Shennongjia is the landscape.The clouds and mist here, coupled with the green mountains, seem to be a fairyland.I heard that if it is in autumn, if the weather is good and there is no cloud, the scenery will be more beautiful.From here, you can look down on the red, yellow, and green leaves on the mountainside, and they interchange with each other, such as a colorful oil painting; they can also overlook all kinds of strange peaks and strange stones. They look particularly quiet and reckless against the lining of the jungle.


Leave the scenery, continue along the Panshan Highway, and come to Banbi Rock.Here, I saw plants that I did n’t hear about roses, fir, yangwu, red birch, etc. in the past, and many of them were rare plants.There is a small leafye weight that has only one adult for a thousand years. In the past, the red birch used to be used as a helicopter propeller, which belongs to the national first -level protective plant ... Following the tour guide for a while, we saw a one.cave.It is said that there may be savages here.The ancient wood next to the cave was towering, and a thick layer of moss was attached to the tree.I took a deep breath, so fresh!


After swimming on the Banbi Rock, we then swam the attractions such as the Jinmengxi, Savage Mengyuan, and Wangta.


This time I went to Shennongjia and left a deep impression in my mind.It enriched my knowledge and increased my vision.

背起行囊走四方作文 篇6


The simple houses, the vertical river, and the swaying boats, which constitute the drama and fantasy Wuzhen.


The sun is already west, and the light and heat are not as early as the afternoon.The ancient houses on both sides of the Wuzhen River, under the sunset, are particularly vicissitudes.The narrow streets are still stunned, but in the small hotel by the river, it looks extraordinarily elegant and leisure.Ascend the ancient bridge of a person, and the sky on the west is golden.The blue waves reflected the sunset, the boat was rippling, and the white and long tail wave was dragged.Entering the old cobblestone, it was surrounded by a few tall horses walls on both sides, leaving only the sunset in front of the eyes. Walking on the setting sun, the warmth is straight, and the figure is projected on the white wall full of moss behind.This mood seems to only appear in Li Shangyin's poems.

  古宅的天井中經常有一棵松樹在其中,此刻,松樹的影子正映在將軍府門前碩大的廣場上,直指嚴肅而莊重的石獅。石獅似乎變得更加深沉。向遠處小鎮盡頭的竹林漫步,沒有多少游人,斑斕的野花依然綻放。隱隱聽到杜鵑的蹄囀,循著聲音走去。在小鎮圍墻外一棵無葉的老樹枝丫上,發現了那只落寞的杜鵑。只見黑色的背影,與老樹融為一體。它似乎望著夕陽,望著墻外奔流不息的運河,望著茂盛的野草 它沉浸在夕陽的余輝之中,它的叫聲似乎沒有那么愉快了。不愿打擾這只杜鵑,最后望了它一眼,向竹林深處前行。蒼翠挺拔的竹子,一路伴隨,直到我走出城門。

There is often a pine tree in the patio of the ancient house. At this moment, the shadow of the pine tree is reflected on the huge square in front of the general's house, pointing directly to the serious and solemn stone lion.Shishi seems to be deeper.Walking towards the bamboo forest at the end of the distant town, there are not many tourists, and the colorful wild flowers still bloom.I heard the rhododendron's hoof, walking around.On a leafless old branch outside the town's wall, the lonely azalea was found.I saw the black back, integrated with the old tree.It seemed to look at the sunset, looking at the flowing river that flows outside the wall, and looking at the lush weeds, it was immersed in the surplus of the sunset. It seemed not so pleasant.I didn't want to disturb the cuckoo, and finally glanced at it and moved forward deep into the bamboo forest.The lush and upright bamboo accompanied all the way until I walked out of the gate.


The pagoda in the distance is particularly conspicuous. In an ancient building, only this pagoda is more vibrant in the surplus.Leaning on the wall of the homestay, staring at the wooden board opposite the old house.During the rush of time, the wooden board gradually became mottled.The setting sun is another day.The cargo ship passed on the Beijing -Hangzhou Canal outside the town, and the rolled water waves hit the dam on the two sides of the strait from time to time.I do n’t know if the owner of the ship noticed the Wuzhen separated by a wall.However, at this time, the wall can no longer stop the town inside and outside the town.The empty plain on the west of the canal flashed in the sunset. The shake boat on the small town river slowly leaned on the shore. The sunset was everywhere, and each place had its own charm. Such blending was unspeakable.


At the beginning of the lantern, Jane wave reflected the crescent moon, the lights of the hotels on both sides of the strait, neon, and Wuzhen.

背起行囊走四方作文 篇7


Holy mirror in the world, long white! "This is the beautiful world -Changbai Mountain!


Changbai Mountain is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, and in the country and North Korea.It is the Tutu River and Yalu River.The source of the Sanjiang of Songhua River, a national AAAA Scenic Area.The well -known Chinese and foreign scenery, the endless Linhai, and the habitat of the inhabiting, made it listed in the United Nations International Biosphere Reserve in 1980.


This summer, I finally have the opportunity to see the style of Changbai Mountain. I am deeply shocked by the majestic show of Changbai Mountain.


Changbai Mountain Tianchi is oval, with an area of ??about 10 square kilometers. The Tianchi surrounded by 16 peaks made me feel so amazing. The lake in Tianchi is deep and quiet, like a magnificent green jasper inlaid surrounded by mountains, making me like a fairyland. When the sky is clear, the calm lake is like a mirror reflecting the light of the sun. The breeze blew, and the lake surface rose layers of ripples, such as the fairy sprinkled countless crushed gold. However, the climate of Changbai Mountain is really fickle. In a blink of an eye, the clouds cover the fog, the clouds around the mountains, and the mountains around the water. The entire Tianchi is hidden from time to time. The endless Changbai Mountain Waterfall fell from the sky. The sound of the spectacular water flowing to the ground was really like a thunderous ears. Changbai Mountain Waterfall is located on the north side of Tianchi. It flows from a small river and flows to the waterfall mouth. The water flows from the upper and straight, and the Changbai Waterfall with a 68 meters is formed. Due to the steep slopes of the mountains and the rush of water, I looked at it, like a sloping cloud ladder. There is a boulder in the waterfall entrance, called "Cowherd Ferry". I think the cowherd was looking for the heavenly weaver on this cloud ladder.


"Cowherd" divides the waterfall into two stories.Two Yulong -like water pillars rushed towards the protruding stone beach, rushing towards the deep valley, splashing a few feet high waves, like a heavenly girl scattered flowers, the water mist permeated, as if the galaxy fell into thousands of snow, the waterfall flew flying, the waterfall flew.Wanniabig smoke. "


It goes with the sky, the clouds turn the rain, and the roar can be heard for dozens of miles.


The beauty of the scenery of Changbai Mountain is difficult to describe in words. Xiaotianchi, Hot Spring, Grand Canyon ... Many landscapes make me forget to return to me thanks to nature, and the beautiful and magical Changbai Mountain will live in the world forever.


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