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[Recommended] 8 articles collection of prose composition


In studying, working, and life, everyone can never avoid contacting or using composition. With the help of components, people can achieve the purpose of cultural exchanges.So do you know how to write a good composition?The following are 8 prose compositions compiled by Xiaobian for your reference only. I hope to help everyone.

散文作文 篇1




Fate, let us know each other in the golden September


Dream, let us gather in the same class


six years ago


When the breeze blows soft branches


We step into this school with ignorance and childish heart


Enter the same classroom


After six years


When the golden beam flashes on the earth


We sit in a classroom with a united and simple heart


Working together


Recall our bits and pieces


Read the past we have experienced together


Tears pass the marks on my face again


Once before


Is a group of unknown children


Every time we rank, we are behind


But now we


Is a group of people who are loved by people


Every time we rank, we are in front


Langlang book in the classroom


Positive answer in the classroom


Lumily discussion in the classroom


The bright and clean in the classroom


Both confirmed us and verified us


Six (2) is a class that no one can surpass


do you remember

do you remember

do you remember


That's a hot summer summer


We shouted together to cheer, come on, come on, come on


Finally, we got the first place in the sandbag


do you remember

do you remember

do you remember


That's a humble garbage room


Maybe no one will pay attention


But it gave birth to a root in my heart


There are some bites of my bites there


We are here to do homework, play


There are happiness, sadness, and noisy


But so far it makes me unforgettable


Whenever you walk there


There will always be an indescribable feeling in my heart


do you remember

do you remember

do you remember


That's a snow -capped winter


Type A HENE influenza virus strikes


Make one of our classmates unfortunately infected


Everyone sees us and we have to go around


But it didn't fall down


Instead, we are stronger and more united


Cross together


All of this


It's all the miracles we created


But close


It is a separation


There is still a trace of installation smile on the corner of my mouth


Quietly saying to yourself: It's okay, you can gather again


But it is still difficult to forget


It's hard to forget Hou Xin's thickness


Unforgettable Liu Jie's simplicity


It's hard to forget Guo Rui's silly look


It's hard to forget the painter You Xubiao's "God's Writing"


Unforgettable, we used to be together

Unforgettable, we used to be together

Unforgettable, we used to be together


During the rainy days in June, chase and play


Unforgettable, we used to be together

Unforgettable, we used to be together

Unforgettable, we used to be together


In the early morning of July, breathe fresh


Unforgettable, we used to be together

Unforgettable, we used to be together

Unforgettable, we used to be together


In the autumn wind in August, let the dream


But after all, no matter how good the time is


There are also separation


Can only look at it again


Let's talk about treasure, treasure ...

散文作文 篇2


Sleeping late at night, I sat alone in front of the window to admire the charming night.A few lamps in front of the window, a cup of tea, looked at it, a little stars in the quiet night, and the silent streets meandered.I haven't seen the scenery at night carefully for a long time.


Unexpectedly, at this time, you can see such a charming night, the bright starry sky embellished by the stars, the lawn shrouded in the moonlight, and the harmonious atmosphere of 10,000 lits at night.Occasionally, a cool wind blows in, the curtains will dance a few times with the wind, and then lie back quietly and honestly.

  望著,望著,回過神來,杯中的茶已涼了許久,我沉浸在這無聲的夜里。想起白天自己忙碌的身影,還有嘈雜的街道,還有剛跟朋友吵過一架的煩躁的自己。此時都消散在這寂靜的夜里, 我變得十分輕松,不再煩惱白天的事情。我的思緒開始隨著微風漂浮,我不知道它會漂到哪,可能是落在草坪上,可能是飛在空中,還有可能是降在如紗般的云朵里。

Looking at it, looking back, the tea in the cup had been cold for a long time, and I was immersed in this silent night.Think of my busy figure during the day, there are noisy streets, and the irritable self who just quarreled with friends.At this time, it was dissipated in this silent night. I became very relaxed and no longer worried about the daytime things.My thoughts began to float with the breeze. I don't know where it will float. It may fall on the lawn, it may be flying in the air, or it may be in a gauze -like cloud.


As soon as you look up, you can see the moon hanging in the air, the moonlight is sprinkled on the curtains, and the bright moonlight brings my thoughts to the moon. I don't know if Chang'e who lives in the Moon Palace has received my thoughts.


The charming night completely attracted me. I threw my troubles into this night, and revealing the thoughts tonight in this night.Gradually, the night became like a ink color, and it became a scroll completely. I don't know if I was in this picture or outside the scroll.

散文作文 篇3


Looking up at the mountains and rivers, the wind and rain are far away.Everything is over and wrong.Yun Qi wandered the wind, and loved to bow at the bridgehead. After a glimpse, he knew that the origin was faint.At that time, it was too ordinary, and Fang Zhiyan ...


People are in the deep valley, their hearts are in the mist, and their heads look at the sunset, and the sunset is red all over the sky.This is the way to do it.


When another year's wind rose, the world was still. Why did you think? In the past, you and I were close to the past.


This is the fruity of the red dust, and I am the future. You have faded Zhu Yan behind your back.Without neon, the sky has gradually darken, two people on the side of the road gradually drifting away, no matter when he is sunny.Just ask for a round of bright moon, walk in the dark clouds.


How to go far.I just hope that you and I will fall in love with Tao Lin and hover on the stream.Holding a handful of clear spring, wet face, peach blossoms messy, drunk laughed at his spring breeze, annoyed.At present, the water is still water lilies, Huang Bai is hidden in the cyan room, and the floral fragrance is faint.

  我為北方一顆塵土,徒添幾縷思念。任時間繞于指間,自指縫滑落,論情,不問因果,緣分,卻注定生死。彼岸 花,生于彼岸,死于彼岸,彼岸花,千年時間,卻不敵一夕舊緣。

I added a few strands of thoughts to the north.Ren time around the fingers, sliding down from fingers, discussing affection, regardless of cause and effect, fate, but destined life and death.Born on the other side, born on the other side, died on the other side, the other side of the flower, for thousands of years, but lost to the old fate overnight.


The spring breeze and summer rain, how can it be compared with the autumn rain, even if the waves are magnificent, how to be sad between your eyebrows.The instant Fanghua could not give the picture, but in the deep memory, it was messy.


Nianhua seemed to flow water, just to go east.Flying goose in the south, only left me by the river.Hold the full years with your hands and wash the vicissitudes to see clearly. You are full of your former, big eyes, exquisite show.The hair tip was low, and the world seemed to be far away. I shook my head and smiled. The stars were still in front of my eyes.


The source of love, which asked about it.You smile in the crowd, but I am alone in the world and find hard.Your smile is left in the sea of memory, and your laughter is still gurgling in the passing wind.In the Qing Dynasty, when the twilight looked back, everyone had gone away, but I was in a distant past.


Above the bridge, I was the only one, folded Liu Liu to abandon the branches, don't look at it again. Looking around, you hold the peach blossoms and sprinkle the petals on the side of the road.


Always thinking that if you use time as a pen, the heart is the ink, and make a portrait for you.On the portrait of the portrait, a few satin is made of pen and ink.You can draw your face, a little expression, a smile, a little grudge.Time is like a river, but the name is forgotten.The rivers still flow still, just a dynasty, changed the vicissitudes, and changed the face.


Even if you are in the memory, you just add a few strokes to the corner of your eyes.But I do n’t know you and me, why you and I have asked the old relationship.


Spring has long been away.On the hot summer, it gradually reached the end.Qiufeng does not understand plum blossoms, holds his hands, sweeps off the petals, and on the road of life, you and I are accompanied, walking on the side of the road.

散文作文 篇4


The familiar ringtone broke the silence in the classroom. I pushed the window, and a cold wind blew a winter painting into the window.Looking up, the winter scenery of that side is like a dream, beautiful, pure ...


Snow is the elves of winter, and it is as many as spring flowers.Snowflakes fall on the tree, grass, the world's silver -wrapped, white.On the playground, a group of teenagers in the sky were in the sky, and the snowballs flying in the air and this laughter added a gorgeous stroke to winter paintings.

  雪后初晴,才是最美的冬景。冬天的太陽,不似夏陽那般蒼白而炙熱,而總是帶給人間一束溫暖的金黃色的陽光。陽光照在雪上,雪也映出了金色,又微微夾雜著些可愛的淡粉。 雪上的小冰晶如同天上的繁星,一閃一閃的發出動人的亮光。操場工地里的土堆,被融化的雪水浸濕,在陽光下也現出了棕紅,透著幾分莊重。

It is the most beautiful winter scenery after the snow.The sun in winter is not as pale and hot as Xia Yang, but always bring a warm golden sunlight to the world.The sun shines on the snow, and the snow also reflects gold, and it is slightly mixed with some cute light powder.The little ice crystal on the snow was like the stars in the sky, and it flashed a moving light.The mounds in the playground were soaked in the melted snow water, and brown red appeared in the sun, and it was a bit solemn.


The group of magpies stop at the treetops and quietly admire the snow scene of the early winter.In the sunset, their white necks were inlaid with an orange -red side, and the white belly also revealed charming gold.Subsequently, they fluttered their wings, leaving only the branches and swaying gently in the wind, and they dropped a few pieces of yellow or green leaves. The leaves were raised and fell in the slightly moisturized soil.


Looking down at the loosening under the window, the branches and the needle leaves like a strong big hand, holding a layer of thick white snow, I suddenly remembered the phrase "the big snow was crushed, the blue pine was straight and straight."There is also the snow on the eaves, with a string of footprints printed on it, which is the imprint left by the birds.Seeing that hurried footsteps, where will it fly?Is it to fly to the warm sky in the south, or can't wait to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the first sunny after the snow?


The ice and snow gradually melted in the sun, and the world slowly revealed her appearance.After the snow, the pine needle no longer flashed green, but it became dim or even significantly gray.A few days ago, the trees on the roadside were still on a yellow -green hair, but now only a few dead leaves hang on the branches lonely, shaking the thin body trembling in the cold wind, and smallThe road has long been covered with colorful deciduous carpets.The fog in the distance seemed to be covered with a layer of light orange tulle.


Looking at the northwest, the fuzzy outline of the alma mater seemed to be gradually becoming eye -catching.The first snow this year was so beautiful. Vaguely remembered that we embraced the corridor and admired the painted winter scenery.Today, the leaves of more than a hundred and nights of us have become dirt?Look at it again, except for the high and low buildings in the distance, I can't see anything.Bing has melted, people have scattered, and the memory of the winter is lingering in my mind, for a long time, refuses to fade ...


The winter scene in the classroom window is like a dream, taking me to the most beautiful winter.

散文作文 篇5


Time slipped away in the seam, but was willing to use everything to change a time machine.--Inscription


In September, the breeze fluttered.


I only heard, "I heard that it is a big beauty, it is the kind of adorable, and the academic performance is first -class." He also rushed to sit at the same table with her.The student came from the class, accompanied by the applause of the classmates. Sure enough, she was a talented girl. She just finished the first class, and the students turned around her.The row was the seat. I didn't expect that the same table with me for six years was forced to separate in junior high school.I was unhappy in my heart, and I told her, "Don't think you are sitting separately from me, I won't stare at you, you have to be obedient. I don’t allow a good friend to lose because of a seat." She is rightI smiled and guaranteed that I would never.


However, this is not the case.I watched her get along with the new table. I was very harmonious, and I was happy for her, but later he slowly ignored me and slowly did not go home with me and go to school together.Every day, she saw her joy with the table at the same table.Once: The ringtone rang, we were all ready to eat, I was also a little bit of good food, and I didn't eat it. I waited for him to eat with me. I didn't expect that after seeing me, I was just indifferent to me.After saying, I won't do it with you today. I have to go with me at the same table. After finishing this sentence, my mood was beaten down and became even more unbearable.


During the meal, I made a big mouth, thinking: How can I do this, do n’t you plan to ignore me with a new table?Hum, ignore you.

  回到教室后,我找到她,并且很氣憤的跟他說:“我們絕交吧!”她后知后覺的反應過來了“什么,你在開玩笑嗎?”我頭也不回的就跑開了。放學后,我第一個沖出教室,外面下著磅礴大雨,可我卻依然跑了出去,與誰把我的衣服,頭發全淋濕了,我邊哭著,邊想。誰知,一塊石頭出現在我面前,當時,眼前一片黑暗,我被絆倒了,臉剛好進入到泥潭中,整個臉都是泥,剛想起來,一輛車自由飛速的開過,車濺起了水花,直撲過來,把我的鞋也弄濕了。( )

After returning to the classroom, I found her, and said angrily, "Let's make a good deal!" She reacted after she knew it, "What, are you kidding?" I ran away without returning.It's right.After school, I first rushed out of the classroom, and there was heavy rain outside, but I still ran out. Whose clothes were wet, and I cried and thought.Who knows, a stone appeared in front of me. At that time, in front of me was dark, I was tripped, my face just entered the quagmire.When I got water, rushed over, and my shoes were wet.()


I returned home and rushed to the bedroom and cried loudly.Because of a cold and fever, I did not go to school the next day.She helped me bring my homework, and helped me write the content of my homework, and left it in the window.I called her and asked her why she ignored me and ignored me.She could only say it, but she didn't expect that it was because my birthday was approaching. She wanted to prepare a surprise for me. She has been discussing with the same table and asked for a strategy to ignore me.After listening to it, I was very ashamed, and even Maggromemi had to bow my head silently.


Before I had time to speak, I was sorry, and she had gone home after finishing her schoolbag.Unexpectedly, this leaving actually let us be separated from two cities like this.


I slowly put down my hand and found that I was sitting on my bed. There was no sticky cream cake in my hand. There was no ticket on the head of my bed.There was still a smile on his face.


The reason why it was beautiful in the past is because there are always little regrets that you can't change, and preserve the feelings that are still fresh.Take out your past, that joy and sorrow must still be on your face.

散文作文 篇6


The darkness gradually shrouded the earth, the brilliant sun lost warmth, lost confidence, and fell to the valley in depression.The only thing to stay is the afterglow with the tears ...


The golden autumn leaves fell slowly, and the unintentional flowers and flowers were competing with the flowers. It regretted that he was frustrated, and it was sad ... One after another ...Add a tear mark to the fallen leaves.It is immersed in the fear of failure and regret.Yesterday's charm passed it with it, the warm sun and it waved their hands ... He tried his best to struggle from the failure, but the bitter regret pulled it into the sinking again ...


The mother walked into the study silently, with the steaming milk, and comforted me hard: "Failure is the mother of success. The sun will always be after the heavy rain ... I remembered a downward result, and my heart seemed to be pressed by the stone.He was stabbed by a pointed needle. The classmates went to school with a high rush. The two feet were so relaxed and so pleasant; I walked into the school gate with frustration.. Back to school, I only got ridiculous words and contempt eyes. I was embarrassed, I was confused, and greeted the new school year sadly.


I looked up at the sky, and only the endless darkness and death of the dead.Suddenly, a round of bright moon appeared in front of me, and the blue light was sprinkled in the night sky.The moonlight came into my heart and made me a little comfort.But the good times did not last long. The thick Wuyun blocked the moonlight, and the earth was immersed in darkness again.The bright moon does not give up or shrink, it exhausts the clouds and fogs, and the head is revealed, so that its light shines on the earth again.I suddenly realized that the regret in my heart had long disappeared.God closed the door for you, and he would always open a window!I looked at the moon, and its light nourished my heart, warmed my heart field ...


Unconsciously, a little dawn appeared in the sky -the sun wiped out the tears on the face, and was working hard to climb the sky.Its light sprinkled the earth, giving people warm and light.The earth began to be active, bird crying, laughter, noise quickly shrouded the earth ...

散文作文 篇7


Before the summer vacation, I heard that Wang Lin said that there was a game called "Tianshu Qi Tan" on the school. At first, I didn't want to play at first, but a few days later, I had to play ...


That was the first time I played the book. I only got familiar with the attributes of the map and the characters, and I did not upgrade.


Those things in the summer vacation.Because I was annoyed before playing.This heavenly book is almost a copy of the question.That night, I went to the department store to read a book, and I met Xiao En there. In the chat, we talked about the Tianshu Qi.He said he was already level 14.I said to him that the game was not fun at all. I didn't play at all, and I didn't rise at the first level.

  第二天,我去找王鑫磊學習。他對我說昨天曉恩從百貨回來后去找他了。并十分狂妄的說他玩天書很厲害,還說我沒他的級別高才說這個游戲不好玩。 聽了這話,我不禁火冒三丈。曉恩也敢這么傲,玩了這樣一個小游戲,比我多幾級就這么得意忘形。好,我也玩??凑l玩得過誰。 回家后,我立即進入天書奇談。瘋狂般的打怪,做任務,升級。不到一個小時,我已經升到了20級。哈哈,看你還傲不傲,你這個小子竟敢狂妄。下次在天書中遇見你,一定要好好收拾你。 此后的幾天中,我一直在瘋狂的玩天書。如今,我已經66級了。前幾天,我又遇見了曉恩,真是“仇人相見,分外眼紅”。這回可輪不到你來傲了,你才26級。我不費吹灰之力就能把你收拾了。我把他“狂扁”了一頓,解氣了。

The next day, I went to Wang Xinlei to study.He told me that Xiaonn went to him after returning from the department store yesterday.He was very arrogant that he was very powerful to play Tianshu, and said that I didn't have his level high that the game was not fun.After listening to this, I couldn't help but get a fiery.Xiao En dares to be so proud. After playing such a mini -game, I am so proud of me a few more levels.Okay, I play too.See who has played who has played.After returning home, I immediately entered Tian Shu Qi.Crazy to fight monsters, do tasks, upgrade.In less than an hour, I have risen to level 20.Haha, it is proud to see you, you dare to be arrogant.I will meet you next time in Tianshu.In the next few days, I have been playing with Tianshu crazy.Today, I am already level 66.A few days ago, I met Xiaoban again. It was really "the enemies met each other."This time, you can't take you proud this time, you are only 26th.I can clean up you without any effort.I "flattened" and relieved him.

散文作文 篇8


"Do you think of today, the diary you wrote yesterday, do you still remember tomorrow? You used to be the most loved you, the teachers can't remember ..." After waking up, I found that it was in a dream. This is beautiful.The melody made my heart into a ball, as if to lose something, and knocked on my melancholy heart door.


The alarm clock sounded the signal of school, and the long night was about to fade away her black makeup, and the party's party will also be released.As a result, I was accompanied by dawn Xiaofeng and the Moon on the way to school.


In the early morning of the day, the sun was slightly exposed, the warm wind was slightly blowing, and the willow was slightly cute.Along with the end of the sound of reading, the campus broadcast exudes a beautiful melody in the past.When learning boring is boring, music always quietly flows into my heart, both like a kind of sorrow, but also like a symphony of youth.


This day is repeating, year after year, day after day, it is the campus song with me through these ten spring and autumn.Perhaps it is the precipitation of depression in the atmosphere of learning, or maybe there is always a trace of astringency in the hazy season.I always like to use the song to release the troubles in my heart, pin all the emotions and the song, and then imagine it into my own melody.To the sun, come out of the troubles, stand on Gao Gang to enjoy the beautiful dusk alone, and shout "I finally liberated" to Bai Yun proudly.


Campus songs seem to understand human nature and can regulate a person's mood.Listening carefully, there is always an indescribable emotion in my heart.When learning is not strong, when you encounter difficulties and obstacles, you might as well try to enter the music and integrate with the music, you will find that the brief relaxation will make the mind more sober.When you lamented that aesthetic melody, you will find yourself growing slowly.


After school, I gradually drifted away, the campus singing gradually faded, the sunset was still accompanied me, and the campus song swayed my heart.Perhaps the moment when the youth is over, at the moment of growing up, you will really feel this real warmth and thickness.


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