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Feel the composition 300 words and seven articles


In real life or work and study, everyone will inevitably come into contact with the composition. Through composition, we can gather our scattered thoughts and gather them together.I believe that many friends are very distressed by writing. The following is the 300 -word composition of the composition carefully compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome to read and collect.

感受作文300字 篇1


I like the sun, especially the sunshine in spring.The sun in spring is warm and soft.The soft shine is on people, on the grass, on flowers, and in the city, making life full of liveliness and vitality.One afternoon, I held my cheeks, holding an apple in my hand, and opening the window to smell the smell of spring that came from. At this time, my mood was always very comfortable.


The morning sunshine, like a shy little girl, quietly revealed half of the little head behind Sister Yuner, but later she boldly stretched out her body; the sun at noon, like a big girl, looks like a big girl, she looks like a big girl, she looks like a big girl, she looks like a big girl, she looks like a big girl, she looks like a big girl.Beautiful, generous, and hot; in the evening sunshine, like a playful little boy, although reluctant and unwilling to go home, but he has to obey the call of his parents and slowly embark on his return.


Once, when it was rainy, when the rain stopped, a trace of sun came out!The rainbow shine in the sky, which reminded me of the song in a song: "If you don't experience the wind and rain, how can you see the rainbow." I did not expect that after a heavy rain, I could enjoy such a bright and beautiful sunshine?


Enjoy the sun!When you open your heart and forget your troubles under the sun, you will say, "The sun is so good!"

感受作文300字 篇2


Autumn is the harvest season. The corn in the farmland showed golden teeth, and grinning was smiling at us! The rice in the rice field bent down with a smile, almost unable to stand up.The apple in the orchard smiled, and Xiangli also smiled. Whose peach and persimmons were bigger than who, and who did you guess? Those vegetable dolls, fruit dolls, all jumped into the basket of farmers' uncle, evenThe peasant uncle laughed and opened the flowers!


Autumn is a cool season. Girl Qiu move around us every day, and the flowers are blooming! She reminds us not to pick flowers to make the motherland more beautiful.With a cool breeze blowing, we will feel that the girl Qiu is making trouble with us.In autumn, the sky is high, the clouds are light and the autumn is cool. We run on the vast fields and play freely with the girl Qiu. At this time, you will feel that the autumn is so wonderful!


Autumn is a cute season, and the children make trouble with Qiufeng.The autumn wind swept the fallen leaves, and the mother of the tree abandoned her children and let them learn to protect themselves independently.The chrysanthemums are blooming, and the beautiful petals look more beautiful in the bright sun, and the fragrance of the tangy is more cute under the care of the autumn wind.


Ah! Beautiful and cute autumn, we hug you!

感受作文300字 篇3


Today is the "March 8" Women's Day, which is the festival of all mothers.My mother is too hard on weekdays. I get up early every day to prepare breakfast for me.In this special day, I want to do the composition of housework.


When I came home from school, I saw my mother wiped the glass. I was so tired that I had back pain and sweaty. At this time, I hadn't swept it and the clothes outside were confiscated.Sweep the floor. "Mother said," Okay. "So, I immediately put down my schoolbag, picked up the stepping puzzle, bent down, and gently scanned it in one direction, then piled up the garbage, swept it into the cricket, and finally the garbage was finally trash.Pour into the trash.When I finished all parts of the room, I was so tired that I couldn't stand up.


Through this activity, I felt that I was so tired that I did such a little housework today, not to mention that my mother did so much work every day?In the future, I must help my mother do what they can do.

感受作文300字 篇4


Since today, several households have been harvested. Looking at their busy figures, my heart is a bit cold ...


Get up with a knife and bend over ...


Push the hat and wipe the sweat with the towel on the shoulder ...


I'm busy, none of them.


But why am I idle?Why don't I need to be tortured in the field.Maybe I should really be satisfied with life. Our family does not need to farm. We do n’t even have a small field. We do n’t need to work day and night, do n’t need spring planting and autumn harvest, no early and late returns, no need to do anything.When I lived in my grandma's house, I was preparing to cut the seedlings with a knife, but I was sipped away by my grandma, and accompanied Meng Mengqin to play.Another time was to go to my aunt's house to help sweep the rice. My task was just to bring the seedlings on the ground to the aunt.Just these twice.


In front of me, I have ice cream, ice tea, ice milk, ice watermelon, ice cola, etc., while they need to harvest in front of the window, running with time, to finish the sunset, but what about me?Am I not satisfied?A few days ago, I went to the river to catch the fish for a while. My face and hands were red. I haven't recovered for a long time, but Huanglai who goes to the same time is safe, which shows that my life is superior -not even the sun is not much too muchtouched.

感受作文300字 篇5


On the road, a car is a car; beside the road, there are high -rise buildings on the road; people wear a variety of fashionable clothes and walk on the road ... It seems that the people of Jianhu are really rich.I sighed while watching next to the street.


Isn't it! The teacher told us to write a composition about the change of the lake, but I did n’t know what the original lake was, and I wanted to interview the person who had lived in Jianhu.But I was not very open before I was unfamiliar, so I was going to interview my grandma.


When it comes to building the lake before, the box of grandma opened;


"The lake in the past was much worse than now! At that time, I was only thirty or forty years old. I went to the streets to buy vegetables. I walked all the potholes.Walking must be trapped. The houses are brick -and -tile houses, which is like the current reinforced room and cement house? At that time, there were thatched houses. The wind fell as soon as the wind was blowing.Boil all the stoves for cooking, the smoke is rolled, and the winter is better. In summer, you can't stay at all. Now, the induction cooker is pressed, there is no fire, no fog, and safe and simple.Household appliances, what refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave oven ... are so incredible, simple and convenient. Now it is not comparable to that time! "


I nodded with some realization: Yeah, now the days are much better than in the past, and the spirit and material are much rich.But if there is no party's correct leadership, where can we live such a good day?

感受作文300字 篇6


Living in the world is meaningful, although life is limited, but limited life must make him bloom.


I have read a story. When some passengers are playing, the fire is accidentally ignited. Although the fire is not large, it is surrounded by a group of ants, and the tongue will spread to them., But as soon as it encountered the fire, it was burned, and the crackling explosion sounded in the fire, and the number of ants fell quickly.


When I heard this, I thought that the group of ants had no rescue, and death would slowly come to them.Who knows, the remaining ants immediately embraced in an orderly manner, with the inner -handed ant king, the most bread of worker ants, rushing straight or fire groups.


I looked at the book and couldn't help but be moved by the behavior of these workers.They dedicated themselves to the rise and fall of the family, but they died without regrets!I admire their feats that their lives are priceless, noble, and meaningful!


At that moment, I felt the meaning of life.

感受作文300字 篇7


The summer vacation of two months is coming. Can you do it well?


Everyone asked themselves before the end of the holiday.Is this summer vacation meaningful?So what is meaningful?Not to eat, drink, and play well!Instead, whether you have growth talents and whether your physical fitness is improved.Do you have a work that has completed the arrangement? For example, after reading a few books and writing a few compositions, whether the safety awareness is often in mind.In this way, you can show that your holidays are full of taste.


Now, let me talk about my summer vacation.I have done a lot of things.First, I complete my homework every day.One of the two interest classes did not fall, and I finished the primary assessment of Taekwondo nervously and reasonably. I got the red and black belt. I hip -hop participated in a lot of competitions, which benefited me a lot.I read a lot of books, often walking into the library, and every time I read it.Swimming has also made great progress.Do housework every day, wash bowls, pour garbage, and sweep the floor.I also quietly borrowed the book of fifth grade to make preview work, and went out to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland ... There are many things that I do n’t say one by one. After reading it, I can’t believe that these things are meThe holiday is completed.Too incredible, I really verify my mother's sentence: Time is like flowing water, you must master it yourself.


It is meaningful to live, and waste of time is a waste of life.Many unfortunate people in life are working hard and strong, why do we splurge and make our lives colorful.













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