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2021-03-20 08:02


[Selected] After reading, I feel composition 500 vocabulary compilation ten articles


In life, work, and study, everyone has the experience of writing compositions. It is very familiar with composition. With the help of composition, you can vent your emotions and regulate your mood.How can I avoid stepping on the mine?The following are 500 words of post -reading composition carefully compiled by Xiaobian, for your reference, hoping to help friends in need.

讀后感作文500字 篇1


The story of "Selling Oil" reveals the principle of "cooked coincidence" to people. In ancient times, there was a person named Chen Yao. And selling oil only praises slightly. He placed an oil gourd on the ground, covered with a copper coin on the gourd mouth, and poured the oil into the gourd through the money hole, but the money hole never splashed a drop of oil. It's really wonderful. Is Chen Yao's superman skills and the stunt of selling oil, is it born? Nothing. Selling the oil man said: "I have no him, but I can only be familiar." Indeed, the old agriculture can distinguish the situation and control the fields; the actors dance and perform wonderful and moving; the sculptor's works are exquisite and exquisite. , Invincible; ... people always send out all kinds of admiration to them; great, amazing! Do you know that all of this is not the accumulation of long -term experience, the crystallization of hard work day and night. Today, some young people have abandoned themselves, neither studying the business nor asking for advice. They always sigh like this: "I am too stupid, it is enough to eat a bowl of rice." Are they really stupid? Nothing. They talked about the head of the clothing. This can also be described as: "Without him, only handsome." If they use these energy in learning, and for the four modernizations, what should be? The ability is not born. It needs to be obtained after diligent labor. This so -called: "Karma is well -diligent." Young people are energetic. Its mystery is freely applied. This is also the revelation given by "Selling Oil".

讀后感作文500字 篇2


This is an article in "Reader". Although short and powerful, it is great.


It mainly talked about the author Liu Ye decades a few decades ago. Liu Ye found that Mr. Liang, who had diabetes with diabetes, did not touch any sugar or starch during the meal with the literary master Liang Shiqiu."".It turned out that he knew that he had his favorite "Babao Rice", so he was specially restrained before, and planned to leave the "quota" to his favorite.


Not only to eat so, but also the same.


The problem of "playing" has always troubled people.Should you play?playing what?How to play?But people usually ignore the most important question -are you qualified to play?Liang Shiqiu just retains the qualifications first, and when he can play the best, enjoy it.If he eats some sugar dishes from the beginning, how much can he enjoy the "eight treasure rice" in the end?

  英雄所見略同 ,關于學習的名言“我們不是要抓緊每一分鐘學習,而是要抓緊學習的每一分鐘”雖未提及玩,但大意也是說要在學習時盡量留出“配額”,然后再好好地玩。

The heroes see the same, and the famous quotes about learning "We don't have to hurry up every minute to study, but to hurry up every minute of learning."And then play well.


However, some students do not understand this concept. They do not concentrate on class and do not do their homework carefully when they go home. They are left and re -assigned their homework between class and after school.Where to go home?The homework arranged by the parents and the life that they need to take care of themselves will squeeze the remaining poor time, let alone play.Even if you are not found to be discovered, the qualifications you have achieved are improper, and you will even lose your qualifications.If so, you can be difficult to breathe in the three mountains of homework, criticism and life. Even if you can have a hundred thousand miles out, it is difficult to meet the Tang monks, and it is impossible to return to Hua Guoshan.


If you have won the qualifications of playing and even realized the true meaning of playing, then I wish you a "fairy in play."However, before enjoying the fun of playing, don't forget to ask yourself: "Are you qualified to play?"



讀后感作文500字 篇3


What would you do if you suddenly fell on the road to advance?Is it a jump, running forward, or sitting on the ground and thinking: Why do I wrestle?How can I avoid wrestling?On the surface, choosing the first kind of stem family can choose the goal faster than the second type of thinker, but in the long run, choosing the second type of the second type of personal future development and reducing success is more importanteffect.


Bai Juyi's early work was obscure and uncomfortable. He carefully studied the reasons for his failure and improved it. He was determined to write that even farmers could understand.Finally, I finally wrote an immortal masterpiece like "Song of Everlasting". The work not only became popular in China, but even Japan also circulated his verses.Several leaders in the later period of the Soviet Union were lonely during the reform, and only knew that they insisted on the Stalin model without thinking about why the previous reform failed?As a result, the chaos of political and economy eventually caused the Soviet Union to disintegrate, and several leaders were forced to step down.


Not only the reasons for the failure of literary creation and the need for national development, but also the reason for the failure of personal learning and work.For example, after a test, our teacher cannot pay attention to the students' grades, but to study it carefully: What questions do students have done wrong?Why did you do it wrong?What should I do in the future teaching process?If you understand these issues, we can target and move in the right direction, which will inevitably achieve the effect of less effort.


Of course, "Don't worry about standing up" does not mean "don't stand up".If you are sitting on the ground after you suffer setbacks and do not pay for it, then it is better to explore aimlessly.Because the possibility of the former success is zero, and the latter may be successful.Therefore, in the process of work and study in the future, we must learn to perfectly combine serious thinking and courage to practice, and to achieve the established goals quickly and well.

讀后感作文500字 篇4


In the summer vacation, I also read a book I like very much in addition to "Matlida", which is known as the "Colorful Dragon Bird" created by Shen Shixi, known as the "Chinese Animal Novel King".


The main content of this book is: two dinosaur families, which were originally close relatives, have embarked on different evolutionary paths after the Big Bang.The family's family continues the lonely and cold jungle fighting. They kill giant dinosaurs, and even eat the same kind of hate with cold selfishness, bringing them to the endless path of ethnic extinction.However, Cheng's family enjoyed the warmth of the family. They built the nests hard and protect the offspring with warm chests. For the continuation of the race, they carried out an unprecedented blood and tears ...It is a weak family, which is love, which makes them win eternal glory.


This book also introduces many small knowledge about dinosaurs.Such as the cause of dinosaur extinction, dinosaur life, dinosaurs, dinosaur habits, dinosaur hunting skills, and so on.The book also introduced various speculations that the cause of dinosaurs extinction: Some people believe that a huge stars hit the earth 60 million years ago, which is equivalent to exploding 20,000 hydrogen bombs.Most species died of misconduct, dinosaurs were extinct in this disaster; some people believed that during that period, a plant that grew special dinosaurs on the planet.The addictive alkaloids, and this kind of alkaloid can kill the male dinosaurs, which is equivalent to special effects contraceptives. As a result, the entire dinosaur family has stopped.The ground was eliminated.


This book has increased my knowledge about dinosaurs, and also made me understand a truth: love is the energy of life evolution!

讀后感作文500字 篇5


China is a country with a long history, and the feudal social system has continued for a long time.Each dynasty continued, and every dynasty was excellent.But my favorite is the Ming Dynasty. This is because of a book- "The Light of the Ming Dynasty".


The "Things of the Ming Dynasty" wrote that the poor Zhu Yuanzhang began to struggle from the poor, defeated the Yuan Dynasty, and established his own country. After that, Zhu Yuanzhang's descendants continued the dynasty until Chongzhen was destroyed by the Qing Dynasty in 17 years.Many things happened in the middle, such as Zhu Xi seized, Hu Weiyong's case, Wei Zhongxian's power, and so on.The author spent three years in the Ming Moon that year, based on historical materials, the main lines and specific characters, and added the novel's brushwork.The work of the heart.At that time, Mingyue's portrayal of the characters into the wooden three -pointer, the description of the struggle was vividly to the fullest, and grasped the plot of the plot.History researchers clearly analyze the historical analysis, but they could not see the secrets contained in history.But the Mingyue saw clearly, and he put these things into "Things of the Ming Dynasty".Power, hope, pain, anger, hesitation, indifference, enthusiasm, strong, weak, qi festival, measurement, forgiveness, evil, justice ... these things have been manifested.


"Things of the Ming Dynasty" made me know a lot of things. Only by persistence and diligence can we achieve great careers.There is no evil or positive, but what is harmful to people to people to do is to determine its right and wrong."The article uses the patience of the Swiss watchmaker, the rigor of the German manufacturing workers, the feelings of the French winemaker, and the humor of the American drama actor tells about the magnificent farmers' justice in the late Yuan Dynasty more than 600 years ago, and will continue to continueIt tells the history of 276 in the end of the Ming Dynasty. This article is rigorous and humorous. It can be used as a popular readings in the Ming Dynasty. It can also be used for work after dinner. It is the first reading of home travel, learning, reading, and nothing to recreate. " - Zhou ZhiyuEssence"Things of the Ming Dynasty" made me eye -catching, I hope you can see it too.

讀后感作文500字 篇6


Today, I read the naughty bag horses small jump series series- "Naughty Bao Ma Xiao Jump -Ding Ke Ke".


Ding Ke's "college studies in college are very fashionable, earning a lot of money from electronic projects. After graduation, I went to Shenzhen and then went to many cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.Now that Ding Kexun finally came back. His hair was colorful, wearing big foot pants, many metal zippers and metal pieces on his clothes. His two legs were very long. He was a new human!


Dink works in the cafe. His lunch is a sandwich. The water he drinks must be a sour lemonade without sugar.It will become a "new boy" with "New Human", haha!


After reading this book, the biggest feeling is why Ding Kexun is "new human"?Why is the words and image of "new human beings" so fun?For example, the "things" we are talking about in their new human language is "Dongdong". They are still "runaway". When I grow up, I also have to be a "runaway". I want to know what "runaway is running away"Are you"?You can read this book quickly. I have a full set of Ma Xiaojump series of books. If I ask me why I like this set of books, I will answer you in the slogan in the book: follow Ma Xiao jump, and I will not jump.laugh!Here we saw a lively, happy, and dare to say.I also want to throw away the troubles around Ma Xiaoya and be a happy person!

讀后感作文500字 篇7


Today, I read "Lazy Harry and Fat La" in Green's fairy tales. Harry and Tinana were lazy, and finally found nothing.


First, the good words in the book are: grazing, adults, sighing sighs, a moment, no border, self -seeking trouble, fatigue, things gathering, things, nothing, and numbness.


Second, the good sentences are: bees are busy flying in every day, and they are not tired at all. They are full of seductive honey in the honeycomb. In the fall, Harry gathers a jar of honey; you also knowThere was a snail invited to attend the wedding, but when others gave birth to a child, and they had to rush when they had to hold a naming ceremony, but they fell off the fence in front of the house.Da'e;


Third, the good paragraphs are: Harry is a big lazy ghost. In fact, as long as he drives the sheep out to graze, there is nothing else.However, after letting go of sheep home every day, he always sighed: "This life is too tired! I will go to the sheep in adulthood, it is tedious! Only in the autumn can I be casual for a while, how good it is to lie down and sleep, how good it isBut you think about it, you have to open your eyes at all times, otherwise it will damage the young trees, or go through the fence into the garden of others, or just run away. How can a person sit down and let it go?He thought about it, hoping to remove the burden on his shoulders. He thought about it so much, and suddenly his eyelids blinked and yelled, "There is a way!


Didn't the fat woman Telina also have head sheep?Why don't I marry her as a wife, so she can take care of my sheep, and I don't have to worry about it anymore.


Fourth, my inspiration: studying Shu Shan has Lu Qin as a trail, learning the sea without the horizon.

讀后感作文500字 篇8


The "Super Fairy Grand Prix" mainly talks about the beautiful girl Lin Yuanyuan accompanied her cousin Deng Hong to participate in the super girl's sea choice. As a result, she was also selected. When they entered the PK of the competition, Lin Yuanyuan suddenly proposed that she did not want to participate in the competition, butDeng Hong also said that if Lin Yuanyuan exited, she would also quit the game. The deep friendship between them moved every audience present, so everyone sang "Always Friends": I met new friends,Don't forget old friends.How many new friends become old friends.Heaven is also thick, and the mountains are high.May we have good friends everywhere!


This book makes me understand: friendship first, the second game. Take our class's competition! At that time, we held the monthly competition, divided into boys and girls. The first part is to say two poems, and the poem must contain the word "month", so the classmates began to say. "The moonlight in front of the bed is suspected to be on the ground cream", "I don't know the moon in the hour, and call it as a white jade plate". After a while, the first session was over, and the girls won. The boys were not convinced and said that they continued. So, we started the second round of the game. The rules were: the first half or the second half of the poem was said by one party, and the other party asked the second half or the first half of the poem. Sentences, the answer is right, the answer is wrong, the question from the question says the answer and adds one point to the group. Boys and girls racked their brains in this session and came up with strange poems. The most ridiculous thing is that Dong Xingtao has a well -known topic, that is, "people have sadness and joy, and the moon is yin and clear." So the girls thank you Dong Xintao for sending them in vain. Essence Entering the third round of games, the boys sang hard fighting, and eventually "sing" to win the girls, they would laugh at heart. The girls did not let them sweep, just said, "This time we let you, continue next time!" The boys agreed quickly.


You see, even the men and girls in our class know the principle of "friendship first, the second competition".What about this truth?

讀后感作文500字 篇9


The text of "Genghis Khan and Eagle" talked about Genghis Khan and his friends to hunt in the forest. At noon, he and his friends walked away. He chose a near way back.At this time, he was very thirsty, and he finally found a spring eye, and the water flowed down one drop.Genghis sweat for a long time before he was filled with a glass of water. He was preparing to drink it, but his eagle flew down from the sky and hit his cup.Genghis Khan didn't care, he took the water three times, but was knocked over by the eagle every time.Genghis's sweat was rushed, and he took off his bow and shot the eagle.Later, he found that a poisonous dead snake was filled with the entire pool, only to know that the eagle turned his cup four times to save him.Genghis Khan regretted it and received a painful lesson -never deal with anything when angry.


After reading this text, I think the eagle is very loyal and fearless.In order to save its owner, I was very moved at any cost.Genghis Khan made an irreversible mistake under the impulse, but he could summarize his experience after making mistakes, learn lessons, and prevent himself from making the same mistakes, so he can become the famous king and warrior in Chinese history.The quality of his wrongdoing is worth our learning.The last sentence that Genghis Khan said- "Never dealt with anything when you are angry" is also worthy of our thoughts.Because people will enlarge others' faults when they are angry, they ca n’t forgive others, and they ca n’t deal with things rationally and calmly. They often make big mistakes because of impulse.So when we are impulsive and angry, we must first find a way to calm down, such as pinching fists and taking deep breath, which can alleviate our emotions.When you calm down, come and deal with this matter, so you won't do what you regret.

讀后感作文500字 篇10


Have you ever read "20,000 Miles under the Sea"?When I finished this work, I felt quite deep.The story tells this undergraduate novel is really bold.Verne wrote the experiences of French biologist Argenas and servant Consel and Canadians who misused the "Nautilus".Although Verne did not get off the sea, he could not see the hypocrisy traces in his article, but the real and thrilling adventure would make people breathless.


Verne is an extremely intelligent person. He cleverly combines science and fantasy, and depicts underwater creatures to the fullest.The submarine shuttles in the sea, and the bottom of the sea is sometimes dangerous and dangerous.The wonderful and spectacular underwater world is full of exotic mood and strong romantic colors.I am amazed!


Leaving aside the other things, let's talk about the plot!As soon as the beginning, the novel asked me to enter the world it described, what


The huge reefs, huge monsters, made me feel excited. French people Aarsanas, Consee, and Whalingist Nide entered the mysterious "Nautilus" with Captain NimoMaking similar global travel on the bottom of the sea, the world on the sea floor is very clever.I remember the chapter of "Underwater Forest", although there were no real woods, but the soft coral reefs in the sea made me enjoy it very much. It seemed to be seen when I closed my eyes.

  在人生的道路上,總會有遇到困難的時候。困難像彈簧,你強它就弱,你弱它就強。面對困難,我們就要像阿龍納斯一樣,決不唉聲嘆氣、怨天尤人,也不自暴自棄、一蹶不振。而是要千方百計去克服困難。還要做到在哪里跌到就在哪里站起來,堅持到底,就是成功的開始。 《海底兩萬里》這部小說為我們營造了一個極其驚險的氛圍,給我們以視覺上的享受。這真的是一部值得我們閱讀的作品,有興趣的人可以讀讀。

On the road of life, there will always be a time to encounter difficulties.Difficulty is like a spring, if you are strong, you are weak, and you are weak.In the face of difficulties, we have to sigh, complain about the sky, and we must not abandon themselves or stunned.Instead, we must do everything possible to overcome difficulties.You still have to stand up where you fall, and persist in the end, which is the beginning of success.The novel "20,000 Miles under the Sea" creates an extremely thrilling atmosphere for us to give us visually enjoyment.This is really a work worth reading, and interested people can read.













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