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2022-11-20 12:27


陽光 篇1


Sunshine illuminates every corner of the world. The place he passed was always filled with hope, which made the world lively and exciting.


The beach under the sun, the sea is basking in the sun. The sea is glistening with sunlight, and the sea water seems to be penetrated by sunlight, so that I can clearly see the fish hidden in the water. They are bathed in the sun and sea water, chasing each other, and everything seems so calm and natural. The wind rose, and the warm sea wind washed my cheek, and the waves began to beat one after another. The white flower blooms in the water. After the baptism of the sun, it becomes a crystal clear and energetic hope.


I swam in the sea, dived into the bottom of the sea, and was swept out of the water by the waves. The sun was as hot as wanton youth. "Let's ride the sun and surf the sea!" So I accelerated my swimming speed and continued to move forward.


In the forest, the branches and leaves are luxuriant, which seems to cover everything. But the sun is everywhere. Look at the bundles of light, strands of light, inserted into the gaps, secretly shot into the depths of the forest, so that the original dark forest suddenly became clear. Insects echoed in the trees, the branches and leaves of the trees rubbed against each other, and the flowers swayed in the breeze. The sunlight has rendered the beauty of the forest, and the natural beauty can be seen at a glance. This is the vitality of the forest and the charm of light.


I walked in the forest, breathing beautiful and fresh air. I forgot the sadness in my heart. I sat on a stone and a beam of light washed away, as if it opened my brain and let me get baptism from this natural environment.


Sunshine in the evening, with its unique appeal, has dyed white clouds red and touched gold. At this time, the sky looks like a world famous painting. A few wild geese are flying in the air, heading for their homecoming, forming a line, reflecting a perfect arc in the evening light.


I have also experienced failure, hardship and confusion. I thought I had lost my direction, just an empty shell, lost my soul, and my heart was like a closed cave, which imprisoned me. However, the light of this world is everywhere. One day, a ray of light appeared in the cave, and I tried to move the huge stone. Suddenly, my eyes lit up. The sun, like a magic prophecy, penetrated my chest and shone into my heart. I tried again to ignite hope and pursue what I had lost.


Because the sun is everywhere, in the endless sea, in the vast jungle, in the free sky, and in everyone's heart, there will be light

高考陽光作文 篇2


In everyone's heart, there is a beam of sunshine, which records the touch and warmth of every life. Perhaps, it makes our life like that flower, the sunflower. Even the gloomy life, there are reasons to be moved.


The winter in the south is different from that in the north. There is no wind, snow, or ice. But the chill is still pervasive enough to make every pore shiver.


It was a period of gloomy days for me, and the pressure on my study had overwhelmed me. But life is like this. Whether you expect it or not, you have to bear the unbearable lightness or heaviness of life. I thought like this and stamped my numb foot. A lot of people have gathered in the small bus station, and few of their faces are really comfortable smiles. Maybe they, like me, are bound by various pressures.


When the car arrived, the crowd immediately turned into a force and rushed towards the door. I was caught in a dilemma in the crowd. But a nameless fire in my heart made me want to rush out of the encirclement. Instead, I was pushed further back. I looked at the gradually full car dispiritedly, depressed and angry.


"Go up!" An unknown force behind me made me jump up from the crowd, but behind my ears came the dissatisfaction of people under the car. They just need an outlet, that's all.


I got on the bus, found a seat in the crowd, and looked out. At this time, there was only a lame man left at the bus stop. I know him. He lives in a community with me. See you at ordinary times, that is, nodding to say hello to Pingshui. People around him were afraid of him, but he was not sad.


He seemed to notice my eyes and raised his mouth slightly. He walked on crutches. As soon as the bus started, his back became a small black spot. It felt like a lump in the throat, which made me feel uncomfortable. At this time, the thick clouds opened a crack, and I saw that the sun, like gold foil, was shining on me. It was not hot, but it was enough to keep out the cold. My heart is also like seeing the sun through the clouds. Suddenly it becomes bright.


Maybe the sun really has the magic to make people become bright, and my mouth shows a smile. An old man with heavy things passed by, and I jumped up and gave her my seat.


"Thank you!" She made me speechless. Then I smiled and looked out of the window at the sight of the sun.


Someone said, "If your heart is facing the sun, you will not be afraid of sadness." I like this sentence, it tells me that the heart has sunshine, I can have a lot.


Maybe it was his smile that day, or maybe it was the sunshine that made me feel warm. Maybe the person who pushed me to the car taught me that the sunshine in my heart will eventually spread to the place full of flowers.

陽光 篇3


There is sunshine in my heart, and the lonely night is bright.


It is better to read plain short poems in summer night. While the moon is cool and the wind is slightly tipsy, the time at the bottom of the page is spent, and a Que Que is turned over. It was an ordinary night, but unexpectedly there were changes.


Tired, he fell asleep. In the deep and shallow hazy time, the airflow with the cold fragrance of jasmine crept in with the sound of insects, vaguely audible. Surprised, he simply rolled over and listened with bated breath. Two kinds of sounds, one high and one low, quiver in a wonderful harmony; Suddenly, three or four strands emerged, and they came generously, flowing blood along the bones to the bottom of the heart.


I am grateful for the night, the silence, what a beautiful, dark blue and inky backdrop! This summer concerto, on the other hand, weaves silks and satins delicately, wraps the body, falls, falls, and hides.


It suddenly occurred to me that I had read a prose about the moonlight in mountain streams long ago - without lights, mountains and waters were awake. It really should be midsummer at that time, but miraculously there was no incessant fireflies and cicadas. A group of people, old friends who have been reunited for many years, no one broke this immersion. There is no strong feeling in the first reading, but now I think about it, I just feel my heart tremble, and the shared silence has been put on the river bottom for a long time, leaving only its beautiful and rare back for me to gaze at


In the deep silence of the darkness, a bunch of orange light suddenly splashed, teaching me to fully understand silence. Only then did I know that at that time everything was loud, but now it's mute. In the ethereal intimacy, there is only one object that is tangible, with both sound and color, and there is the sound of insects. It is the smallest brush stroke of time, the skin of the sun, passing through all things. I think it will be a century late when it falls between time and space gaps. It will flow carelessly and reflect such vivid details lazily. I listened faintly and felt awe inspiring warmth.


The sun is like the sound of insects.


Someone once wrote, "Someone shouted in the hot temperature, 'Stars all over the sky! Stars all over the sky


Although the meaning of the sentence is vague, I still presume that I am in the situation he said. Even though the night is long and dark, the sun overflows from the nature, from the past, and from the heart, bringing the insects that fall in the years, connecting the present and the past, opening and closing in all directions.


In fact, sunlight can be visible and invisible; It can be both empty and real; It can also be poured out in ordinary ways, and it can also be dropped unintentionally. As long as the sun is there, the poetry is there, and the hope is there, everything will be silent and prosperous.

高考陽光作文 篇4


Maybe you are a incomplete flower, no one pays attention to it, but you have sunshine, which is slowly gestating your growth.

也許你是一個沒加工完的燒瓷瓶,沒有亮麗的紋路,只是一個再普通不過的陶瓶。但你要想,世界上那么多的藝術品,不也是在平凡中出奇-作文迷§www..cn 的。

Maybe you are an unfinished porcelain bottle, with no bright lines, just an ordinary ceramic bottle. But if you think about it, there are so many works of art in the world, which are not surprising in the ordinary - composition fans.


Perhaps you are the most ordinary person in the world, without halo and applause. But you should try to catch up with the sun and have your own sunshine.


Beethoven created the most famous music in his life after he lost his hearing; The boy named Liu Wei lost his arms because of an accident, but he still insisted on his music dream. He practiced with his feet every day, and finally stepped on the golden stage in Vienna. Those who never give up in the face of setbacks and always adhere to their dreams. Not because they are better than me, but because they have an amazing perseverance, and insist on finding a sunny place and owning it. This is not difficult, as long as you have it in your heart, you will feel it. Stick to your dream, no matter what setbacks you encounter, try to pursue them. The warmth of the sun is waiting for you. Persist in finishing everything, regardless of success or failure.


I once watched such a program called "Super Speaker", in which there was a sentence that made me remember deeply: "Failure is not terrible. We should not regret it. As long as you finish and work hard, your life will be complete even if you don't succeed."


Therefore, we should adhere to whatever we do. In this way, what we gain is the process, because the process is more important than the result. There may be ups and downs in this process, but we should believe that there will be rainbows and sunshine after the storms. Do things with such faith!


Maybe we in high school will complain about such a mechanical life every day, but we can only complain. In order to live up to our ideals, our parents' expectations and our three years of youth and struggle. We should all work hard to overcome all difficulties and rush to a sunny place. In this world, God will not care for everyone. But everyone has the right to choose. We should choose to face difficulties and rise to them.


I will always have the sunshine in my heart and feel it with my heart. The incomplete flower has changed again. After experiencing the storm, because the sun always lives in its heart. The pottery bottle was finally found to be special, and was reprinted with beautiful texture, because it did not give up.


We are more than this

陽光作文 篇5


Maybe everyone has a special desire for warmth for a period of time. The reality and imagination can also be so harmonious that you can't believe the reality and underestimate the imagination. You can see the wonderful picture formed by them. It is a wonderful thing to believe in imagination in reality.


Just like I have just seen the beauty of early spring. Compared with what has been appreciated in the past, the challenging winter is either dry or wet. The warm and sunny spring brings sunshine to the world, which everyone wants. "Do you want to be the sunshine?" After that, a foreign land appeared. A hollow voice asked. To tell the truth, at that time, I really wanted to.


Become the sunshine, can run out of this unknown place, can run away at will, run out of all the places I hate; Becomes the sunlight, can glitter, adorns the world all things; It is like becoming sunlight, which can nourish the growth of plants... What is the concept of sunlight? Is it vitality? Is it bright? In my eyes, it is not only these, but also warm.


However, if you become warm, you will lose the ability to experience the cold. Without the cold, the warmth becomes meaningless for me. As natural as your own temperature. On the contrary, in summer, your temperature can be so hot that everyone hates it that you can turn on the air conditioner and close the door to drive you out. Fortunately, you are a human being, and there is also temperature. The sun itself has no temperature.


When the clouds come, you can only disappear. Because the world will not accommodate the same sun and shadow at the same time. This is why "if there is a shadow in front of you, it is because there is sunshine behind you." Sunshine can only be used as an encouragement. It cannot help you out of the shadow, but can only be outside the shadow.


You may feel depressed, but you should know that sunshine has no feelings. It is not life. Maybe only if it is not life, can we devote so much, can we have so much ability, and go thousands of miles away. Will be praised and written by millions of people.


Are you willing to reduce your age and memory to zero and become a piece of sunshine? "No, I want to be a person." I paused and said. With a "bang", the annoying space and sound disappeared, and I was relieved.


When I got up, the earth outside had been wet for many days, and even the sky was gray. Looking back, I have not had such a strange dream for a long time.


Suddenly, when I looked at the golden sky that was about to light up, the temperature around me was rising with it, and the wind around me was gentle with it. My eyes suddenly became brilliant. Is this a sign of the coming of the sun? A harbinger of light coming to the earth?


Maybe I should really believe in sunshine.













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