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2022-11-23 01:11

那些年 篇1


Remember those years? Those big curious eyes, looking at the enlightenment teacher who took the first step in life timidly, imagined his future life path. Is it full of twists and turns? In those years, we mumbled about Pinyin. When our tongues should be raised, they should not be raised, and when they should not be raised, they made our teacher angry. However, when we looked at our childish faces, we couldn't do anything about it. The teacher had to be angry with himself.


In the past few years, the students' study has become more and more tense, but the relationship between them has become closer and closer, and they know how to help each other. When a person is bullied by other class members, a group of people raise their fists, raise their immature faces, and seek justice for the students.


'The time has passed like this, day and night.' As time goes by, childhood will leave us. We know more and more knowledge, and work slowly mature. We are no longer the child who can only anger the teacher with nothing, nor the child who can be angry with little things. We have grown up, and our wings are gradually plump. We should be an eagle, flying in the blue sky.


Childhood is a necessary experience for everyone. It is so warm. It depends on the softest place in people's hearts and makes people cry whenever they think of it. My childhood has passed. My closest brothers and sisters, and most admired teachers, I love you. I have grown up, brothers and sisters, don't worry about me, I have learned to protect myself with your company; Teacher, you don't have to worry about me. I, who have grown up, won't lose my temper any more. I cherish and protect everyone who is good to me.


I want to paint the most beautiful picture in my brilliant life.

那些年 篇2


No one has a childhood. The memory of childhood is always the deepest and purest. My childhood is full of my vision of the future world, full of wind and frost. My childhood is plain, but it is also a treasure chest!


I remember when I was seven years old, my mother wanted to take me to the second aunt's house in the countryside for dinner. I was the first to go back to the second aunt's house. My mother told me that all the seven aunts and eight aunts had to shout on the way. As I was young at that time, I didn't know what the seven aunts and eight aunts meant, so when I arrived at the second aunt's house, I said, "Hello, seven aunts and eight aunts", which made everyone laugh, and I laughed with everyone.


Another time, when I was eight years old. My sister took me to take pictures. I saw a shop called Nanfang Roast Duck on the road. I was confused at that time, because the teacher said that the south was far away and I had to take a train to get there, but today I arrived here by my sister's electric car. I asked my sister: "Sister, why is the south so close? Isn't it far away?" My sister smiled, and she said, "Fool, this is not the south, but there is a place selling southern roast duck." "Oh," I suddenly realized.


When I was eight and a half years old, my mother gave me ten yuan to buy salt in the canteen. At that time, I was careless. I saw a bag of sugar like salt and left. When I got home, I saw it was sugar. My mother said that she would buy it herself and asked me for money. I gave her ten yuan. At this time, I realized that I had not given it to her. Hey, why am I so careless?


Now, in a twinkling of an eye, I am thirteen years old, and my childhood is a step away from me, but the naughty boy in my childhood will never change!

那些年 篇3


The time is fast and the years are long. In a twinkling of an eye, I have become a middle school student. When I think of my childhood, I really regret that I wasted the best time of study by playing, and that I was naughty and didn't listen to my parents to make them worry about me.


I remember that when I was five or six years old, I once did something ironic.


That day, when I was playing at the door, I saw my neighbor's uncle painting something white on the wall of the new house. After painting, the wall was white and much more beautiful. When I came home at night, I was always thinking about it. I hadn't been able to sleep for a long time. I wanted to know what they used. It was so powerful. The next day, it happened that Mom was going to visit her relatives. Mom changed into a fur coat that she didn't wear all the year round, and her face was very smooth.


After my mother left, I secretly took out the mysterious bottle that my mother had just used. Take a closer look. It's exactly the same as the white thing I saw that day. Did... My forehead got hot, I used my forefinger to pick up the contents of my mother's bottle in imitation of that uncle's appearance, and painted a layer of black blocks on the wall. I left and right, and smeared all the uneven places where I could reach.


When I was about to finish my work, I tripped over the stool at my feet. The bottle fell and broke into countless pieces, and the white paste inside spilled all over the floor. I found myself in trouble and sat on the ground crying. When my mother came back in a hurry, she quickly picked me up with pain, comforted me and appreciated the wall I had just coated with cream, and laughed.


This is what I did in my colorful childhood.

那些年 篇4


In the past days, we yearned for the future. In the present days, we miss the past.


Now, we are accompanied not only by a group of friends and some teachers, but also by the 'pear' that we have studied hard. In the past, we were accompanied by friends, teachers, happiness and free blue sky.


At that time, we had the most beautiful childlike innocence, the most vast sky, and the most free life. Now, the innocence is slowly disappearing, and the vast sky is slowly decreasing. What about freedom? It seems that we have no freedom.


In primary school, no matter what we did, parents would not ask more questions. No matter whether I went out to play or travel, they would always pay attention to safety. After entering junior high school, my parents changed. They became more interested in asking questions and reading my diary. They became more interested in learning from others


I grew up slowly. I don't know when the students began to wear a mask of hypocrisy.


Just a few days ago, several students chatted together. They chatted until the time of primary school. They laughed when they recalled the things in primary school. In retrospect, we all feel that time, the speed of the passage of time, speed can not tell.


I once asked them that they wanted to go back to primary school and childhood. Now when I think about the day of graduation, everyone is laughing to discuss which school to go to and leave. Now, if I want to go back to the past, I can't go back.


When I went to QQ Space earlier, I came across a sentence "On the day of graduation from primary school, we thought we had left hell, but now we know that we had left our real paradise". I think this sentence is right. After graduation, we left the free sky and came to the classroom of hard study.


Day by day, year by year, we are one step away from the past. Now, listening to those years, I have evil thoughts. Thinking about the past years, I seem to go back to the past years.


In those years, we went crazy, laughed, cried, worked hard, gave up, and wandered together. In the following days, I am willing to accompany you to continue our carnival!













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