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熱愛祖國作文600字 篇1


I have an ideal since childhood, that is, to be a person like Lei Feng, because Lei Feng is willing to help others, and he devotes his limited life to unlimited service for the people. This spirit is admirable, so I want to learn from him.


I know that if you want to be a person like Lei Feng, you must undergo training. So I'm going to start from the side, from the small things.


Today, I came to school as usual. Time passed by minute by second... and soon came to our side at noon. When I was preparing for lunch in the canteen at noon, I happened to be going to have dinner. Suddenly I saw my classmate Xiao Hong forgot to bring her lunch box. His home and school were very far away, and the time at noon was very short, so I couldn't go home to get her lunch box. I gave her my only lunch box on the second day of the third lunar month. He also said to me politely, "Thank you for helping me!"


I think this is a small step in my success. I still need to do more good things to serve the people all over the country. When I grow up, I will open a rescue station!


So I should study hard now. I should work hard, use my brain and work hard. As the saying goes, "A good memory is better than a bad pen!" If my classmates encounter any difficulties in life, as long as I have the ability to do so, I will certainly help them to tide over the difficulties., I will not hesitate.


In a twinkling of an eye, time flies, and I have become a graceful girl! When I was young, I wanted to open a rescue station. I succeeded because of my own efforts. The main business of my relief station is to help some homeless and poor people. I will feed them three meals a day. They will also be well dressed and no longer suffer from the cold. Let them sleep in soft and comfortable beds at night and cover them with warm quilts.


Everyone has his own ideal, and the motherland is more beautiful because of the ideal. Let's create a beautiful motherland and make contributions to it!

愛國作文 篇2


Dear teachers and students


hello everyone!


The content of my speech today is "I love my motherland".


"Get up, people who don't want to be slaves..." Whenever the majestic national anthem rings in my ears and the bright national flag slowly rises in front of me, as a Chinese, I always feel extremely proud!


How many people are living in a foreign country, but their hearts are still far away from their motherland and they have dedicated their lives; How many people have written poems praising the motherland with their pens... That's because they always have a sacred name in their hearts, no matter where they are, that is "China"!


I am proud that I am Chinese. Because the Chinese people have a deep cultural heritage. We are one of the four ancient civilizations in the world; China's four great inventions have benefited the world; China's exquisite ceramics and silk conquered the world; The Chinese traditional virtues, starting from the most ordinary things, touched the world; The Chinese kite is the first aircraft invented in the world


My fifth grade writers listened to the clock of the times under the brilliant stars, and we waited for a new day in the long night. How many times have we been filled with emotion; How many times have we tossed and turned; That is to wait for a different day - the birth of New China!


Dear students, let's show our true feelings and sincerity. Turn it into a brick on the Great Wall, a spray on the Yangtze River, and a white cloud on the Kunlun Mountain. For a better future of the motherland, work hard!

熱愛祖國作文500字 篇3


Patriotism is a kind of social ideology integrating emotion, thought and will that people are loyal, loving and serving the motherland. It is rich in connotation. Love the mountains and rivers of the motherland, love the history of the nation, and care about the destiny of the motherland are all manifestations of patriotism.


Love for the motherland is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. The love of the Chinese people as a family that can never be erased by time has gone from Qu Yuan's "nine deaths without regret" to Sima Qian's "constant thinking, desperate, and dying for the country's emergency"; From Jia Yi's "the country forgets the family, and the public forgets the private" to Fan Zhongyan's "first worries about the world, and then worries about the happiness of the world"; From Ban Gu's "patriotism is like hunger and thirst" to Zhuge Liang's "work hard and die later"; From Gu Yanwu's "everyone has a responsibility for the rise and fall of the world" to Lin Zexu's "pursuit of national life and death, how can we avoid it because of misfortunes and blessings"; From Sun Yat sen who was the first to call out "rejuvenating China"


Motherland has given us everything, body and spirit. We are children of the motherland. To love our motherland is not only our most firm belief, but also our most basic truth!


Suhomlinski, an educator of the former Soviet Union, said: "Love the motherland, which is the most affectionate, warm and harsh emotion. A person who really loves the motherland is a real person in all aspects. Love the motherland is the most basic moral cultivation, the starting point of life, the important content of personal self-cultivation, the first lesson of life, and the source of life, emotional destination and motivation of a country and nation.


We are the hope of our motherland. Let us sow the seeds of love, set up the lofty ideal of building a great motherland, pour our patriotic enthusiasm into our studies, study hard, exercise hard, make all preparations, and contribute our youth, wisdom and strength to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

熱愛祖國的作文 篇4


Motherland, you are the guiding light in the dark night, you are the gentle wind in the sun, you are the most kind and warm call like "Mom", no matter where I go, I will never forget.


The motherland, my motherland, I know you in the four great inventions, I see you in the persistence of the Terra Cotta Warriors, I listen to you in the rush of the Yellow River, and I admire you in the majesty of Mount Tai. In the recollection of my grandparents, I imagined your sufferings and vicissitudes of life; In my parents' stories, I taste your efforts and your rise; In the songs of my brothers and sisters, I listen to your rise and your glory; Day and night in my life, I feel your harmony, your magic!


In the north, I lingered in the plain silver, while in the south of the Yangtze River, I fell in love with a small bridge and a flowing family; When my father picked up shells from Hainan, I heard the surging waves; My mother brought back the cap from Turpan, and I smelled the sweetness of fruits and melons. The teacher said that our motherland is vast and abundant, every inch of land is filled with miracles, and there are more sleeping surprises, which will be aroused one by one when we grow up.


I want to sing praises to you, my motherland, with gentle tunes, wild folk songs, loud marches, gorgeous aria, with all my most beautiful words, the most beautiful melody, I want to, I want to sing praises to you! I want to stand on the river continent, the river river, the mountain top, and the sea shore, and sing for you with my tender but full of true feelings. Sing the most sentence in my heart: Motherland, I love you!


Dear mother of the motherland, let me whisper to you: I will listen to the teacher, exercise my body, and learn knowledge hard. When I grow as tall as my parents, I will build you stronger!

熱愛祖國作文 篇5


The most beautiful picture in the world depicts the great rivers and mountains of the motherland; The most beautiful music in the world celebrates the great motherland; The most beautiful poem in the world praises the ups and downs of our motherland.. As a Chinese, I deeply love my great motherland.


I love my motherland, because there are countless scenic spots in my motherland. The West Lake is as flat as a mirror, the Taishan Mountain is towering, and the Huangshan Mountain is steep and precipitous... I love my motherland, because my motherland not only has many scenic spots, but also has brilliant cultural heritage. How many working people have crystallized with sweat and blood. Isn't the Great Wall, which starts from Shanhaiguan in the east and ends at Jiayuguan in the west, the best witness? But in my homeland, people are more beautiful than the scenery!


At the beginning of 2008, there was a heavy snow disaster in the south. So that many people who want to spend a happy New Year with their parents can not be reunited with their families. However, the people of the motherland did not give up, but worked together to sweep all the snow on the main road into a pile, regardless of the bad weather, bringing convenience to people.


On May 12 of the same year, a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, China. At that time, the roads opened up one by one, and the hospital that had saved the lives of the wounded turned into a hell on earth. The teaching building, once full of laughter and laughter, suddenly turned into a ruin. The homework books scattered on the ground also seemed to be crying quietly... At this time, the uncles of the People's Liberation Army rushed to rescue the wounded at the first moment. Among them, there have also been many impressive deeds.


I love my motherland because I can live freely on this land. I firmly believe that my motherland must be more prosperous tomorrow!

熱愛祖國作文 篇6


The motherland is our mother and the cradle of life. We should love our motherland and be proud of being Chinese. China has a long history of 5000 years. How many patriotic heroes have sacrificed themselves to defend the motherland in history. Only with their efforts and sacrifices can our motherland become prosperous and strong today.


We should have a patriotic spirit, as well as lofty ideals and goals. To realize them, we should study hard. Some people learn for their own interests, for their own future food and clothing, such people are very selfish. We should make contributions to our country and make our country stronger and richer.


Patriotism should start from small things, such as abiding by the national rules and regulations, protecting the environment, saving water... Although it is just a small matter around you, you can see that you are a patriotic person. Secondly, we should set up lofty ideals, work hard for our own ideals, and build a more perfect country. We can't dream. From now on, we should seize every minute to exercise our bodies, learn rich knowledge, and cultivate noble moral sentiments


We should also cultivate good habits, complete the current learning tasks well, do nothing late, be efficient, ambitious, have a sense of responsibility, and improve ourselves in all aspects. At that time, we will be excellent in all aspects and have everything a patriotic person should have. We will become one of the pillars of the future of our motherland.


Let's be a person who loves our motherland and strives for lofty ideals. In order to make these come true, let's work hard!













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