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《東京審判》觀后感 篇1


At this time, my heart was full of emotions. At the age of 18, I was ashamed to know very little about the history of China half a century ago. The crimes of the Japanese militarists need not be repeated. They are deeply remembered in the annals of history. The flames of anger rolling in the belly have spread to every drop of blood. The shameless denial of Japanese war criminals, the disgusting excuses of beautifying aggression and their dirty souls' disdain have reached the extreme.


Now that we have become adults and taken on the important task of revitalizing China, we need to introspect our generation.


At the time of seeing Mei Ru's wonderful refutation for the benefit of the motherland's respect, the unanimous applause of the students can explain a lot. Although only a few classes of students, it represents the ideological outlook of a generation. We always have warm patriotic feelings and national self-esteem, which is the premise for a nation to survive forever! At that time, I was proud of Mei Ru's heroic performance. He was a great soldier of China and foreign powers on the battlefield without gunpowder smoke. At the same time, I dare to be excited for the people around me to always have such a strong sense. The general power fills the whole body, and only the nation that remembers the shame is a hopeful nation!


However, a few days later, I heard a classmate say that he was sad and angry when he saw it. Now he has finished reading it, he doesn't feel anything. Hearing this, the blood once again poured into my face. I wanted to shout, and I wanted to scold her for her contempt for shame, but I finally held back, and a sadness poured into my heart.


Seeing the momentum of prosperity, Chinese people are always used to being blindly optimistic. The future is good, and we are among the world's top forests. Victory is in sight... But we don't see the crisis growing secretly.


The Chinese people cannot be afraid of being killed. It is precisely for this reason that tens of thousands of patriotic heroes have been aroused to stand up. The extinction of a national consciousness is the real demise. It is an invisible demon that can devour China. After the Holocaust, there were people's marches and revolts. However, when the waves of decadent and vulgar ideas hit, a large number of teenagers flocked to get drunk. These people are the living force of China's rejuvenation!


Rainie Yang, a new popular singer and host, was asked how many years she had fought in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. When she was asked how many years she had been fighting, she said without changing her face, "Eleven years, she was corrected and said it was eight years, and she sighed with a pure and lovely face. It was only eight years!"! Another said that when the Nanjing Massacre killed 300000 Chinese compatriots, she smiled sweetly and said, "Only 300000?"?


Suddenly, the swearing was overwhelming, but Rainie did not say anything. She even said that she would like to be a Japanese in her dream, and her obsession with Japan cannot be extricated!


Hearing this, I felt very cold. After being trampled on by Japanese iron hoofs, there are still Chinese people who are so shameless! How terrible and pathetic!


Today's teenagers are no less shameless than Rainie Yang. When the spirit corrupting film and television culture such as Crayon Shin Shin Shin came, various TV stations rushed to broadcast it. Teenagers were poisoned by corruption while being eloquent. Compared with Japanese comics, Chinese comics can hardly be called comics.


I remembered that in the Tokyo Trial, when the procurator asked whether Japanese war criminal Hideki Tojo would still choose to invade China if history were to return, Hideki Tojo answered with dignity: "Yes!"


Cultural aggression is another invisible and destructive aggression launched by Japan against China in the era of civilization! At this time, how many people were anesthetized?


The war has just left us 50 years ago, and we have forgotten all the humiliations? I am not a careless call sign, but a reflection from the heart! There was a line in the Tokyo Trial: "We need to really experience and experience the suffering and cruelty brought by the war to the people." However, we still need to experience another brutal war. Will the contemporary people understand? But what about the next generation? What about the next generation?


It is extremely urgent to strengthen patriotism education. I do not deny the importance of cultural knowledge. However, without humanistic and patriotic education, no matter how high a skill is, it is useless. There is a large outflow of cutting-edge talents. Look, some of the students with high scores at the beginning have stayed in foreign countries and never returned. No matter how high the enrollment rate, they have also gone abroad. China does not have a foreign cutting-edge project level laboratory, and it does not have such high treatment. However, this is the place where you were born and raised. How can you abandon your old nest if your wings are hard?


I am thinking that when I have a child, I will show him the Tokyo Trial as soon as he understands. Otherwise, when he grows up, I will become an ignorant Chinese like Rainie.


I am not advocating against Japan. At that time, the Japanese people were also deceived by the rulers. And in today's society, only through international cooperation can we develop ourselves more quickly and achieve win-win results. We need to look at the problem dialectically. I am just aiming at many phenomena that make my bones cold in China at present, and I want to warn today's Chinese teenagers to see how Mei Ruxuan is a Chinese, and how do you become a Chinese?


As a saying of the Westernization School, I think it is still very popular in China today!

《東京審判》觀后感 篇2


In the long river of history, this is a chapter that cannot be ignored. On May 3, 1945, the International Military Tribunal of the Far East Army tried 28 war criminals including Hideki Tojo in Tokyo, Japan. It lasted nearly two years and seven months, with 818 court sessions and 4 court records. More than 80000 pages, 419 witnesses testified in court, produced more than 4000 pieces of documentary evidence, and 1213 pages of judgment. I was shocked by these data. How can I miss them as a Chinese! After watching, I learned what is the dignity of a country and what is despicable.


After watching the Tokyo Trial, I became patriotic. Japanese war criminals resolutely refused to admit their guilt, and some Japanese hated us Chinese. But did they ever know how cruel and shameless the Japanese army was? They burned, killed, looted and committed all kinds of crimes. How many common people in China have become the ghosts under their swords? The Japanese people only know the crimes of the Chinese. Have you ever thought that the crimes of Japanese soldiers are thousands of times more than those of China? And the Japanese army invaded China first. Are we going to sit there and be killed by them? Through the film, I have a more intuitive and clear understanding of the evil acts of Japanese internationalism, and I can better understand today's hard won.


At the end of the film, the judges of various countries have different opinions on the sentencing of war criminals. The Chinese judges denounced the Japanese war criminals from the legal point of view for their heinous crimes of plundering Chinese resources and violating humanity. When voting on whether to carry out the death penalty, I very despised the judges of other ten countries. They said that killing people was uncivilized, and Buddha would tolerate these war criminals. These reasons are absurd. 'Civilization is determined by people. Since it can be determined, it can also be changed! How annoying!


Finally, let's pay tribute to that solemn period of history, the great Chinese people, and the Chinese soldiers who died in the war for those who died, for those who worked hard for the rise of China

東京審判觀后感 篇3


I have just finished watching the Tokyo Trial. I have a lot of feelings. This is a rare historical film. First of all, thank XXX for enabling me to see this film. The film has a compact structure, and the plot is flexible. With an attractive voice over, it brings us to that complex moment.


The film begins with the atomic bomb attack on Japan (dark relief), and soon enters a small climax. Judge Mei and Xiao Nan meet two drunken former Japanese soldiers when they go out. They keep shouting, "It is the Americans who defeated us", "Let's roll out of our country", and provoke the driver with the arm, and are killed by the unbearable driver on the spot. This is just the beginning, But it was very ingenious to reveal the complexity of the problem at that time. The contempt and hostility of Japanese soldiers and people towards China will inevitably hinder the trial work. Besides, our inspection team has only a few people.


Sure enough, in the subsequent development, Japan's huge defense lawyers issued a provocation, questioned the legitimacy of the judges of the Far East International Tribunal, and demanded that the trial be conducted in the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Such disregard of international rules, even the President of the United States could not tolerate it, became furious, and invoked the supreme instructions of the allies to forcibly suppress Japan's arrogance. The judges who had just breathed a sigh of relief immediately faced another piece of hard bone. The Japanese war criminals in the dock refused to plead guilty, or pretended to be crazy (very angry), or said nothing, or tried to be unreasonable. If these guys sat in front of me, I would have shot them and strangled them without a gun. Fortunately, our prosecutors and barristers are all elites. They smashed the stones in the cesspit one by one with solid evidence, sharp words and flexible language skills. It's really gratifying to see their heads raised.


The relaxed tavern, the extremely confused and confused Takeichi Kitano, the man who shouted "The dog is getting the Japanese devil", Chiba who fell under the gun but did not know "what happened", and the man who killed Hiroshi Kitano, who never appeared, made people angry, thought-provoking, emotional and sad.


In the judgment stage, a sentence of "I still think of Xiang Yu and refuse to cross Jiangdong" and a sentence of local dialect with Hunan characteristics of "I will stand up as long as I can't kill myself" filled the screen with heavy repression and fierce fighting spirit. A cup that was smashed and a small voting box tightly grabbed my heart. Although I already knew the answer, I was still at a loss. "NO", "NO", "YES", "NO", "YES", "NO", my heart has begun to get cold. Disappointment, no, despair has begun to emerge in front of me. If 11 judges appear at this frequency, China will have no chance. "YES", "YES", "YES", "YES", MYGOD! I never thought that one day I would like GNY's English. The dark clouds all over the sky suddenly dissipated, and my heart was much brighter. I really felt that I could see the sun through the clouds. Have a good time!


We should firmly remember these names: Kenji Tofeihara, Ishigen Matsui, Hiroshi Hiroda, Hideki Tojo, Takeo Zhang, Seishiro Itagaki, and Hirotaro Kimura. We should remember and always pin them on the stigma column of history to warn us and future generations.


Now, these devils who once caused great suffering to the Chinese people and the people of Asia and greatly damaged the loss of WWW.. CN are enshrined in Japanese shrines for worship. This act of openly evoking the souls of war criminals is a violation of justice and a violation of justice. We should always be vigilant to guard against the reincarnation of the wild animals that once ravaged our homeland and endanger the world. Young and old men, muster up your courage, surge your blood, and be ready to give those beasts a fatal blow at any time!













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