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《綠野仙蹤》的讀后感 篇1


Before, I read a very interesting book. It was called "The Wizard of Oz". Let me tell you about it!


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Dorothy. She lived in Kansas. Because of a tornado, Dorothy came to a strange place and met three friends on the way: the scarecrow, the iron man woodcutter and the timid lion. They all want to visit Grand Wizard Oz in Oz to realize their wishes. Dorothy's wish is to return to Kansas; Scarecrow's wish is to get a smart brain; The iron man woodcutter's wish is to get a heart; The timid lion's desire is to gain courage. On the way, they went through many hardships and came to the country of Oz. Who knew that Master Oz was a fake mage, but finally they fulfilled their wishes.


I think we should be brave to try anything.

《綠野仙蹤》讀后感200字 篇2


What impressed me most after watching the film "The Wizard of Oz" was the beautiful country of Oz, where the sky was as clear as blue, just like a sapphire washed with water.


There are green grasslands everywhere on the field, and colorful flowers are blooming in the golden sun, greatly embellishing it more beautiful! Dorothy, the hero in the story, is very attractive to me. She is not afraid of setbacks. No matter how difficult it is, she must protect her beloved dog Toto from any harm. It is her kindness and honesty that deeply attracted me.


Watching this film made me gain a lot. It was Dorothy's spirit of not shooting setbacks and difficulties that made me understand what to do must be brave to face.

《綠野仙蹤》讀后感200字 篇3


The witch there told Dorothy that if she wanted to return to her hometown, she must go to Oz. Dorothy made several friends on the way to find Oz. They were scarecrow, tin man and lion. Dorothy and her friends went to Oz and helped the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion realize their wishes, but Dorothy's wish to go home did not come true, so Dorothy and her friends continued to look for someone who could help her return to her hometown. Later, they came to the country of Quedrin, where the witch Ganlinda was able to let Dorothy return to her hometown. Ganlinda said that Dorothy's shoes could help her return to her hometown. Finally, Dorothy returned to her hometown.


This story made me realize that the power of friendship is huge. Only by helping each other can we realize each other's wishes!

綠野仙蹤讀后感 篇4


This week, I finished reading The Wizard of Oz in three days. This book is really good.


This book is about Dorothy's parents died when she was young, so she lived with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. The tornado swept Dorothy away with the house.


Later, Dorothy met the scarecrow, the tin man, and the timid lion. The scarecrow wanted brains, the iron man wanted hearts, and the timid lion wanted courage. They all set out for a goal and experienced many hardships.


In the end, everyone realized his dream.


I like this book because the plot is very beautiful and it attracts me too much.

綠野仙蹤讀后感 篇5


Today, I read a fairy tale The Wizard of Oz. The story attracted me so much that I finished the book at one go.


The story mainly tells the adventure story of Dorothy, an American girl. One day, Dorothy and her dog Toto were blown by a tornado to a distant and magical country, the State of Oz. In order to return to her hometown and relatives, Dorothy encountered seed. It is a kind of adventure and has gone through thousands of hardships. During the journey, Dorothy met the scarecrow who wanted brains, the iron man who wanted hearts, and the little lion who wanted courage. They walked together. Along the way, we helped each other to overcome the disease. In the end, they realized their wishes.


From this book, I feel the value of friendship, as well as the spirit of finally realizing dreams without fear of hardship.

綠野仙蹤讀后感 篇6


Recently I read The Wizard of Oz, which is a beautiful fairy tale.


A little girl named Dorothy was blown by a tornado to a magical country - Oz, and lost her way home. She met a scarecrow without brains, a tin man without hearts, and a timid lion.


In order to make up for their own shortcomings, realize their own wishes, help each other, unite and love each other through hardships and hardships, and finally achieve their own wishes with their extraordinary perseverance and wisdom.


After reading this book, I realized the importance of friendship. Our classmates should also care about each other and help each other. As long as everyone is united and friendly, works together, and is not afraid of difficulties and failures, everything can succeed. Only with hard work can good wishes be realized.

《綠野仙蹤》讀后感 篇7


When I was a child, I was fascinated by The Wizard of Oz. I found that life is still so beautiful. Everyone in the song and dance film is very kind, and every piece of clothing is beautiful.


Jiao Xiongping asked John Woo, "Is there another one of your three favorite movies besides Lawrence of Arabia and The lone killer?" John Woo replied: "Autumn Lover, a French film in the 1960s. My romantic factors and aestheticism complex are deeply influenced by this film."


John Woo, the director who founded "Wu's Violence Aesthetics", loved to watch musical films most in his childhood. Looking back in the past, who could have imagined that men who only focused on the "masculine" world in those days only wanted to make a poetic film of a truly romantic and truly beautiful woman.

《綠野仙蹤》讀后感200字 篇8


After I read the fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz", I was deeply attracted by the story of the book. Dorothy, the hero in the text, is a lovely little girl.


One day, when the sky was overcast with dark clouds, a tornado suddenly blew Dorothy to a distant place. She did not cry, but bravely faced what had happened. She wanted to go home. On the way home, she made several good friends. Each of them had their own ideals. In order to realize their ideals, they worked together and helped each other to overcome many difficulties, and finally realized their ideals.


In the future, I will be as strong as Dorothy when I encounter difficulties. I will actively use my brain to find ways to overcome all difficulties and help others to live in harmony with my classmates. Deal with the bad guys together.

綠野仙蹤讀后感 篇9

我今天看完了綠野仙蹤,這本書講的是:一個小女孩被龍卷風卷走了,被卷到了一個有魔力的世界,到哪兒之后,她碰到了稻草人,鐵皮人和膽小的獅子, 稻草人沒腦子。

I finished reading the Wizard of Oz today. This book tells about a little girl who was swept away by a tornado and was swept into a magical world. After she got there, she met the scarecrow, the tin man and the timid lion. The scarecrow had no brain.


The Tin Man has no heart. They will go to Oz to help them make a brain and heart. The most important thing is to send the little girl home, but Aozhi can't send her home. So they went through many difficulties and finally the little girl returned home.


This story is very good. You can have a look.













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