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難忘的清明節作文 篇1


"In the emperor, the people's mind is filled with sorrow." It was Tomb Sweeping Day again. The adults stopped working and the children stopped playing. They went up the mountain together to worship their ancestors.


As the poem said, this is a festival full of worries and thoughts. On the way up the mountain, many people recalled their ancestors without saying a word, full of melancholy. I was also infected by them and felt sad unconsciously.


Soon, everyone came to the ancestral tomb. People offered sacrifices. There were not many sacrifices, but they were complete, with meat and vegetables, and several bottles of wine. They swept the dust off the ground, put incense sticks and candles on it, knelt down, worshipped repeatedly, and begged for the blessing of their ancestors. Their attitude was very sincere. I also learned from them, put my hands together and knelt piously.


It was getting dark. We went down the mountain and went home. Along the way, you will hear a series of firecrackers coming from the mountain. Looking around, the originally dark valley suddenly became bright, and golden flames were shining everywhere. At night, the sky seemed to be covered by a huge black cloth. Soon, the rain fell from the sky and a damp smell came to my face. I could not help shivering.


Tomb Sweeping Day, it is a festival for you to be grateful for commemoration and look forward to rebirth, so let's not forget it!

難忘的清明節作文 篇2


When we got off the bus, we arrived at a piece of grassland. I looked up from the bottom. Wow, there were almost flowers and wine beside each tombstone. It looked like a "flower bank". There were many protruding hills on the grassland. I could see that those were cemeteries. I saw many people around them, one by one, with flowers and paper money. Some even burst into tears. Looking at Grandma, she wiped the tombstone clean and put the wine on the tombstone of her relatives. I ran to the tomb, gently stroked the grass with my hands, and carefully picked up the withered grass with my hands. Grandma smiled and said, "You are alive in the sky. You must bless Qianqian for good grades, good health, and a good university!"

難忘的清明節作文 篇3


Today is Tomb Sweeping Day, a traditional festival for sacrificing ancestors. Zheng Chenxi and Wang Siqi, I have an appointment to visit the Martyrs' Mountain. Martyrs' Mountain is located in the south of Jiaojiang Youth Palace. It is about two kilometers high. We climbed up the mountain along the steep stone steps. There are four columns on each side of the stone steps. The columns are carved with a portrait of the PLA charging and sinking Chen. After climbing the stone steps, we saw an 18 meter high "Jiefang Yijiangshan Island Battle Memorial Tower." The trees on the hillside around the memorial are lush, tall and straight, just like a soldier guarding the martyrs' cemetery. The quietly blooming flowers make a beautiful wreath for the martyrs' cemetery, and the birds on the trees are "twittering" for us to sing heroic deeds.


Today's weather is overcast. Occasionally, there will be drips of rain on my face. It seems that I am mourning for the martyrs and shedding tears for the heroes. But there are many people on the mountain, including students, teachers, old people and young people. Then we came to the Hero Monument, which is carved with the scene of the enemy fighting along the liberation route. In front of the Hero Monument, there are all kinds of wreaths and baskets of flowers, I also followed the adults to observe a three minute silence to the heroes.


We bypassed the Hero Monument and came to the cemetery. I gave a chrysanthemum to a martyr named Zheng Yangcheng, who was only 20 years old, and bowed deeply. Their age was about 20 years old. In real life, they were one of our big brothers. These heroes sacrificed their precious lives for our Chinese liberation cause, giving up their blood and giving up their precious lives in exchange for our peaceful, peaceful and happy life now.


There is no reason why we should not study hard and learn our skills to make contributions to the realization of the "Chinese Dream" when we think about the impressive pictures of young, young faces fighting bravely on the battlefield on the monument reliefs.

難忘的清明節作文 篇4


I have never experienced the sadness of tomb sweeping on Tomb Sweeping Day and the desolation of light rain, but on that day, that feeling was like a wisp of wind around my soul. Grandfather died in September the year before last, and the whole family was sad. On that day, I knew the furthest distance in the world.


Last year's Tomb Sweeping Day, our family went back to our grandmother's house in the countryside and planned to go to the tomb of our grandfather and light the lamps in the afternoon. In the morning, we quickly bought fragrant, white lotus lanterns and white chrysanthemums. After having a bite of lunch, we climbed the mountain. On the way, no one spoke. It was getting overcast. We climbed up the mountain step by step along the mossy mountain path. Finally, halfway up the mountain, we came to the Zhang family's Tomb of Generations.


There is no gatekeeper in cemetery, only a long fence surrounding long tombstone of the Lao Zhang's family. I don't know why, when I went up the mountain, the desolate fear was five points less, and there was an inexplicable intimacy. In my mind, I saw my grandfather's simple smiling face. I clenched my father's hand and walked into the solemn cemetery.


We walked to the first tombstone, knelt down and kowtowed deeply. I made the purest wish in my heart. I hope God will bless him in heaven. Walking forward slowly, I saw the tombstone of my father's grandfather. His deeds emerged in my mind one by one, and I begged God to bless him. Finally, I came to my grandfather's monument.


Tears blindfold, oh! Is my beloved grandfather sleeping here? I personally put the white chrysanthemum in front of his tomb to protect his peace. I looked up at the sky and let my tears come back to my eyes. It's getting dark and it's going to rain, so we went home.


In my grandmother's hut, I leaned on the windowsill and watched the rain outside the window beating the soil in the yard, and my eyes were moist again. I went out of the door, caught in the rain, and looked up to the sky. Grandpa, are you all right?

難忘的清明節作文 篇5


On Tomb Sweeping Day, my parents and I are going back to my hometown, Qingxi Jiuxiang.


On the way back to the Nine Villages of Qingxi, I asked my father in bewilderment: "Dad, what are the traditional customs of Qingming Festival?" My father said to me calmly: "Tomb Sweeping Day is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. It is not only a festival for people to pay tribute to their ancestors and remember their martyrs, but also a link for the Chinese nation to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors. What's more, it is important to know our ancestors, regard them as mirrors, see their shortcomings, correct themselves, and promote future generations." I answered my father, "Oh, I see."


We came to Grandma's house. Grandma has prepared the tools for us to sweep the tomb, and Uncle and Grandpa are ready to go. Let's take good care of WWW.BAIHUAWEN CN>With the tools for tomb sweeping, Mom said, "Let's go!" It didn't take long for us to reach our destination. The first thing I saw was a weed taller than me. I put my foot gently on the ladder, and I quickly took it back - there was a small ant nest on the ladder. I put my foot gently on the second step and jumped down the step quickly. Mother started work immediately. She took a sickle, bent down, grabbed a weed, cut it down from the bottom of the weed, threw the grass aside, and continued to cut it like this. My mother saw me in a daze and said to me, "Daughter, take a broom and sweep the floor! You can sweep wherever I cut." Without saying a word, I picked up the broom and swept the floor.


We finally got rid of the weeds. We put the sacrifice on the ground and poured three cups of tea and three glasses of wine. Now we light the incense, worship our ancestors three times, and then insert the incense into the yellow soil to let the incense burn slowly.


We started to burn sacrifices. First, we lit a piece of paper with a lighter, and then put it in the paper pile. The fire was very big, and the paper ash flew like a tornado. I asked my father, "Dad, what does this' tornado 'represent?" My father replied, "This' tornado 'represents us. Generations have come to receive sacrifices."


This Tomb Sweeping Day is really unforgettable!

難忘的清明節作文 篇6


"Cracking!..." bursts of firecrackers sounded, and then the annual Tomb Sweeping Day came, and everyone came to the mountain to sweep graves. Today, my mother, my brother's family, my grandfather and my mother-in-law climbed the mountain together to sweep the graves. Everyone laughed and laughed along the way. Suddenly I heard an old lady who was going to the grave, like a publicity fireman, warning everyone: "After going to the grave, you must wait for the fire to go out before leaving. The opposite mountain caught fire yesterday."


We went to Grandma's grave, lit several incense sticks and stuck them in front of the grave, then tore up the paper money and lit it. The burnt paper money turns into pieces of ash, which will float away with the wind until the paper money is burnt out and the fire goes out. Our party left slowly. On the way down the mountain, we gathered artemisia and talked and laughed. Suddenly, a sound of "crackling!" came from the woods near the rape flower field not far away, and looked up to the mountainside, and a plume of blue smoke shot into the sky. Then I heard the cry of "Fire, go to put out the fire!". After a while, the smoke abated, and we "retreated" down the mountain.













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