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2022陜西中考作文 篇1


On the road to success, everyone will encounter difficulties. Do you choose to flee or face them bravely? I resolutely chose the latter and became a "strong man" in the face of difficulties


This summer vacation, my mother didn't know where to bring me a math paper. I was reluctant to start doing it unconsciously. At the beginning, the question was very simple, and I was very proud. My facial expression was particularly rich, and a smile appeared at the corners of my mouth. But before I finished laughing, a "roadblock" stood in front of me. The expression on my face suddenly turned "sunny to cloudy". I simply did one side, but there was no result. At this time, I suddenly had an idea to give up.


I first found out the math book, combined the formulas and concepts mentioned in the book with the examples in the book, carefully read, read, and thought carefully, but still no results. I was a little frustrated again, and my nose was sore, and I seemed to cry. At this time, my mother's words still sounded in my ears. I shook my head, twisted my nose with my hands, and bit my teeth. I thought I would be able to "rely on my own efforts". This time, instead of listing the formula on the paper, I sat down in my seat. I wanted to play a movie in my mind and read the formula I had just seen. I recalled some of the solutions that the teacher had told me. Suddenly, I had a flash of inspiration. I happily picked up a pen and wrote a formula on the paper. After that, I carefully walked every step. Finally, through my unremitting efforts, I finally achieved success. My mood was like a long drought in the ground. Xiaomiao was very happy to drink the spring rain.


Through this event, I realized that when we encounter difficulties, as long as we face them bravely, we will be able to solve them and become the "strong" in front of them!


When did you put it down. Mom just came in at the right time and encouraged me to say: "Don't shrink back when encountering difficulties. As the saying goes, difficulties are like springs. If you are weak, they will be strong. If you are strong, they will be weak. Do you want to be eaten by" tigers "? Believe in yourself, you will be a strong man. " After listening to my mother's words, I was full of confidence, took up the pen, and started a new "fight".

2022陜西中考作文 篇2


Life is unpredictable, just like the boundless sea. Sometimes it is calm and sometimes the waves are crashing on the shore. Frustration and failure are inevitable on the road of life. But I think that as long as you have firm confidence, you can move towards success step by step.


If you want to overcome difficulties, you need to have a firm belief. Take my learning to ride a bike for example. That afternoon, my mother and I strolled in the community and saw several children of the same age in the neighborhood riding bicycles. I was very envious. So I made a decision in my heart that I must learn to ride a bike. My mother seemed to have guessed my mind, so she went to buy me a brand new bike immediately. I was so happy that I thought: I will finally embark on the journey of cycling!


I couldn't wait to get on the bike, but the bike fell down before people got on it. People also knelt on the ground, scratched their skin and bled. I lost control of my emotions and shouted. Mom saw it and felt pain in her heart. She immediately helped me up.


I said to my mother, "Mom, I don't want to learn any more. It hurts to fall down." Mom said to me, "No, since you have chosen to learn cycling, you can't give up halfway, and it's a waste to just spend hundreds of yuan to buy this bike. We should start from the beginning and finish everything. Practice more, and failure is the mother of success!" After listening to my mother, I thought to myself: Other children can learn, why can't I? So I gathered up my courage again and continued to learn to ride a bike.


I will sit on the bike and ask my mother to help me. After I ride steadily, my mother will let go. "Take your time, good, that's it..." My mother's voice flowed into my heart, and I felt like I had taken a reassurance. Encouraged by my mother, I rode more and more steadily... In less than half an hour, I could get on and off by myself, and my mother and I laughed happily.


What are the difficulties? Difficulties are the only way to success; What are the difficulties? Difficulties are the "golden key" to success. When faced with difficulties, do not bow your head or yield. As long as you have confidence, you will be able to overcome it!

2022陜西中考作文 篇3


Take a boat and travel in the sea of learning. The mind is infinitely quiet and distant, like an empty mountain and quiet water.


Two years ago, I was reluctantly crammed into a composition class by my father. The composition class also taught some ancient poems and extracurricular reading, probably to cultivate literary interest and cultivate sentiment, but I was full of impatience and dissatisfaction. I often felt a nameless fire in my heart, and it became fiercer and fiercer. I naturally couldn't listen to the class, just like listening to the Heavenly Book. I survived one class after another half asleep, Let the teacher's words flow through my ears. What's more, I have homework to recite ancient poems in each class, which makes me angry.


Until one time, I got a shocking low score in the exam. I was so frustrated that I actually listened to a class. This was the first time. Listening to the teacher's magnetic murmur, I was attracted. The poem that the teacher said was Yan Zhenqing's "Persuasion to Learn": It was the third watch and the fifth watch. It was when the man was reading, his black hair did not know how to study early, and his white head regretted that he was late. This time, I was moved by the rapid pace of time, youth is easy to die, with the struggle of youth, bloom the wonderful life.


Since then, I seem to have tasted the sweetness of knowledge. I have acquired knowledge as greedily as honey, as if I had absorbed nectar. Every day, although time is pressing, I firmly believe in Mr. Lu Xun's words: "Time is like water in a sponge. As long as you are willing to squeeze, there is always time." Every day, I will spare an hour to study seriously. At the same time, I also tasted the beauty of ancient poetry. Without reading two ancient poems every day, I felt empty and lonely. Su Dongpo said in his poem, "There is poetry and calligraphy in the belly.". In Chinese class, I can not only answer the questions dryly, but can also see and think of a deeper level by quoting or relying on the poems and masterpieces I have read.


For tomorrow's sunshine, for knowledge, work hard! Knowledge is power, wealth and hope. The charm of knowledge can only be found by those who love it. When you face it squarely, you will feel that your whole body is full of divine power. Because this is the power of truth, the power of good, and the power of beauty.

2022陜西中考作文 篇4


I have encountered many difficulties, but I have never been afraid. Because my parents taught me since childhood: "Difficulties are like springs. It depends on whether you are strong or not. If you are strong, it will be weak. If you are weak, it will be strong."


I remember when I was in the third grade, my father bought me a bike. I was overjoyed and worried. I can't ride it! What can we do? "Get on the bus and try!" Dad encouraged me


I mustered my courage, got on the bus, pedaled, and the bus came. I feel the front of the car shaking. "Don't be afraid, I'll hold it! Just hold the handlebars tight and concentrate," Dad said.


I did as my father told me, and I really felt much better. At some time, my father released his hand. At this moment, there was a big stone in front of me, and I was at a loss. In a flurry, I tripped over. After my hand, I fell down, and a piece of skin on my hand was wiped away. At that time, I really didn't want to learn. I tried to hold back my tears and walked to my father's side. My father seemed to see my mind, touched my head and said, "I will succeed!" Isn't that your mantra? Why did you shrink back? "


I got on the bus again to challenge the difficulties. I believe I will succeed this time. My father supported me as he did the last time, and then released his hand. At first, I rode steadily, but because the speed at the corner did not slow down, I fell down again. This time, I fell more heavily, and my feet were bruised, which made things worse. Although tears swirled in my eyes, I didn't stop there. I got on the bus again, and I remembered the trick. Don't worry, don't panic. I really rode well, and didn't stumble. My father encouraged me from time to time: "Difficulties are like springs. It depends on whether you are strong or not. If you are strong, it will be weak. If you are weak, it will be strong."


Later, I practiced several times, and my skills became better and better.


"Difficulties are like springs. It depends on whether you are strong or not. If you are strong, it will be weak. If you are weak, it will be strong." When I meet difficulties, my father's words will echo in my ears.

陜西中考滿分作文 篇5


If spring makes the grass tender, summer makes the flowers and plants flourish, autumn makes the fruits mature, and winter makes the river quiet. In that way, it is sunshine that makes the four seasons come alive.


The grass in spring can find traces of sunshine everywhere. The sunshine in spring is never hidden, just like a mother who gently puts a thin layer of gold gauze on the newborn baby. The grass is new, the fragrance of the soil seems to be new, and the flowers are gradually exposed in the sun, like a shy girl. I stepped on the golden gauze all over the ground and enjoyed the sunshine as well. Gradually, I felt that many ugly things were being removed from my body, and my dusty heart finally fell into the sunshine. I felt myself completely refreshed.


After the summer rain, the sun has just come out, but the sun has already had the ambition to break through the clouds. The sun is straight, but not rigid. It seems to shuttle among the branches, weaving golden nets. These elves dance on the green leaves and admire their golden faces against the dewdrops. They are smart and lively. They are busy among the leaves, delivering nutrition for the leaves. Suddenly, I learned that the sun also has ideals, and people are not?


Autumn has come, bringing brilliant joy. After a whole summer, the sun has dyed the leaves as golden as itself, but the leaves are so golden. Is it with the sadness of finishing the dream and leaving soon? Oh, no, I was wrong! Look, the gold leaves are flying down safely and joyfully. It turns out that they bring sunshine to the roots that grow and support them! Yes, when our ideals are enriched, we should not forget that we have helped our relatives, friends and motherland.


In winter, let everything understand that the sun is searching aimlessly, just for a leaf that it knows well. It wanted to penetrate the snow fog to ask if the earth had the news of leaves, but the snow coldly reflected them back, and the sun was unwilling. It tried again and again, and finally melted the hard heart of white snow with its passion for life. Then, life began to wake up again.


It is sunshine that makes the four seasons come alive, and it is love that makes everyone live; It is love that makes everyone new; It is love that makes everyone have more ideals and more melancholy; It is love that shortens the distance between everyone and our roots; It is love that makes everyone willing to give up life for the sake of future expectations; It's love













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